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10 Benefits of Reducing the Use of Water Bottles



Reducing the use of water bottles is on everyone’s mind in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Ideally all accessible sources of water should be processed through advanced water filtration and treatment technology. In this way, potable water from taps and faucets would provide fresh drinking water globally.

Water Filtration Ideation

The problem with fresh drinking water from taps and faucets is not just water quality but piping through which water passes.


Often piping is old and the internal piping integrity is compromised. As a result, residue enters potable water that causes illness and growth of bacteria.

Water filtration has a proven track record of success for providing safe drinking water. There are several things to consider regarding the efficiency rating of water filters. These include:

. Beta ratio to micron conversion

. Absolute vs. depth filtration


. Efficiency percentage

These are basic concepts of how the efficiency of filtered water is measured.

10 Benefits of Reducing the Use of Bottled Water

Once you know the types of water filters available, you easily see the importance of reducing the use of bottled water.


However, it is also important to review the instruction manual that is provided in order to know how to maintain the efficiency rating of drinking water.

In the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides guidelines for water filters as well as national regulatory enforcement for water quality standards.

The 10 benefits of reducing the use of bottled water include:

  1. Reduction in mass produced food grade quality plastics
  2. Reduction in negligent disposal of plastic bottles
  3. Less need for recycling of plastic and glass bottles
  4. More responsible use of water filters over a broader range of points of use (POU)
  5. Better water quality
  6. Filtered water removes contaminants and reduces toxicity
  7. Filtered water offers a fresher, cleaner taste
  8. Water filtration costs less than the process of bottle disposal and recycling
  9. Fewer water bottles reduces damage to the environment
  10. Water filtration costs less and is more convenient

The “How To” of Reducing the Use of Water Bottles

Water filters can be installed in homes, offices and buildings of any size. These usually require changing the filtration media recommended by the specific water filter manufacturer.


As technology changes and evolves, water filters adapt to the need for pure drinking water for normal human need for hydration. The problem occurs with today’s highly mobile society that is constantly in need of drinking water.

For example, Berkey Water Filters developed an innovative way to reduce the use of water bottles with portable water filters. These are eco-friendly, environmentally responsible and appreciated by the highly mobile individuals who travel for business, recreation or tourism. The Go Berkey Kit is an ideal size that fits neatly into small spaces or atop an office desk.

This article helps to define specifications for reducing the use of water bottles with the aid of portable water filters ranging in size from one quart capacity with a weight of only 2.4 lbs.

Portable water filters make it easy for a mobile society to always have access to purified water while reducing the mountains of water bottles.


Water bottles are a nuisance because they are not large enough to provide a full day’s supply of hydration. This usually means having to buy several bottles of water during the course of a single day.

Why Portable Water Filters are Most Convenient

Portability for water filters offers a continuous supply of water without having to deal with bottle disposal. Also, considering that water in various areas may be processed by municipal water treatment facilities, there is no assurance the water processed is of the highest quality due to aging piping systems.

For campers and hikers, it’s a matter of backpacking water filters instead of toting half a dozen or more bottles of water. Using a portable water filter is a way to feel confident drinking water will not cause illness from waterborne parasites that can be lethal.



In an ever changing world, the environment is most at risk. Air and water are two of the most essential human needs. The more active humans are, the more they need continuous hydration. Humans can exist only one day without water.

It is also important to keep in mind that each plastic water bottle takes 1,000 years to decompose. This is the reason water bottle use should be reduced. It is a relatively simple change all individuals can implement to balance life and nature.

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