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10 Celebrities That Make Vaping Look Good



john dumelo smokingCelebrities are trendsetters. Their mode of dressing and habits influence the trends in the culture. Take, the fashion industry, for example. The millennials, especially, borrow ideas from the celebrities. In the recent past, vaping has been gaining popularity across the globe. As many platforms would say, stars have played a significant role in influencing the habit. Vaping is an alternative method to get the nicotine while reducing the harmful effects that tag along. Without saying much, here is a list of celebrities who vape.

1.Johnny Depp

The name Johnny Depp doesn’t require any introduction. He is a big deal in the film industry. The movie star was born in ’63 and came to the limelight after casting in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Depp used to smoke cigarettes before switching to a vaporizer. In the movie “The Tourist”, the legendary actor was spotted vaping on a train. It wasn’t the first time the actor has been seen vaping. Surprisingly, Depp owns various luxury vaping devices which he never shies away from using in the public.

2.Leonardo Di Caprio

Leo’s career in the film industry thrived after starring in the Titanic film, the greatest movie of all time. Since then, he has been involved in many different roles. Today, Leo is a special UN representative for the climate. He is also involved in animal rights. However, Leo’s love for vaping is similar to that for nature. Often, the successful actor can be seen vaping in public even at major events.

3.Katy Perry

Katy Perry loves smoking. But, unlike most celebrities, she prefers using a refillable e-cigarette. Many platforms say that quitting smoking has left her in good shape. She was spotted vaping for the first time vaping while hanging out with some friends during a party.

4.Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is a big name in the music industry. The talented singer is always releasing hit after hit. Long ago, Bruno was addicted to smoking until he lost his mother. According to Bruno, his mother was against the cigarettes. The only way he could honor the promise he made to her was to quit smoking and start vaping.

5.Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is a renowned personality in the entertainment industry. The talented individual is known for hosting various talent-shows. Also, he was known for his smoking habits. But, recently, Cowell has given up on the smoke. Today, he is often seen praising his new vaporizer an indication that he is into vaping fully.

6.Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson is one of the oldest actors in the industry. His contributions to the industry are significant. The talented actor is known for fitting in different characters in the movies. Jackson loves vaping, and he is never scared of showing it to the world. His Twitter account can tell you that. The successful actor is always posting pictures vaping.

7.Jack Nicholson

Many people argue that vaping is for the millennials. But Nicholson says otherwise. His love for vaping shows that age is just a number. Not long ago, the 80-year old actor was spotted signing autographs for his fans. Besides, Nicholson has been seen on several occasions vaping even while with his son at the Staples Centre in LA.

8.Isla Fisher

The Australian actress came to the limelight for her roles in the movies Wedding Crashers and Confessions of a Shopaholic. The talented Australian never shies away from vaping. She is often seen vaping in public. In the movie, Now You See Me, Isla can also be seen on one scene taking short puffs from an electronic cigarette.

9.Lindsay Lohan

Many platforms label her the queen of controversy. Not long ago, Lindsay was spotted vaping while relaxing in her mansion in Miami. The move was received well by many who termed it wise. Lindsay has a rough history of drug abuse. Therefore, switching to a vaporizer got a positive reception.


Many questions have been asked about whether the king of YouTube vapes. PewDiePie owns a YouTube channel which has the highest number of subscribers. He is known for his vlogs and “Let’s Play” commentaries. The Swedish YouTuber has never been spotted vaping in public. However, two years ago, the comedian was caught with a Coolfire IV box mod while doing a video on his workstation. The use of a vaporizer has grown dramatically. Today, the celebrities mostly seem to switch from smoking to vaping and setting the trend. Listed in this article are ten celebrities who have been spotted vaping. Some of them on the list might have surprised you, but it just shows that vaping can be for anyone, the celebrities and the normies alike. ]]>


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11 Reasons Why Buying A Property For Sale Cosby TN Is A Good Idea



11 Reasons Why Buying A Property For Sale Cosby TN Is A Good Idea

Buying a property in Cosby is an excellent investment. It can be a great way to build wealth and provide shelter for you and your family. While it might seem like there are many hurdles to jump over before getting into the housing market, there are many benefits as well. Here are the reasons why buying a property for sale Cosby TN is an excellent idea:

Natural Beauty Surrounds You

The first reason to buy homes for sale in Cosby TN is the natural beauty you will see in your new hometown. Cosby’s unique location makes it the perfect place to live and raise a family. Located at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains, Cosby is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and rolling hills. 

This gives it a ruggedly gorgeous look that can’t be matched anywhere else in Tennessee or North Carolina. Moreover, suppose you love hiking or horseback riding. In that case, it’s easy to explore these mountains on foot or, even better yet, on horseback.

Cosby Is In A Good Location

The second reason to buy land for sale Cosby Tennessee offers is its location. It’s near the Great Smoky Mountains, so you’ll be close enough to enjoy all they offer. There are many things to do and see here, from great restaurants and shops to hiking trails leading up into the mountains. 

The fact that you’re also close enough to Knoxville means that you can visit other cities nearby. Or even go on an adventure outside your new home if you want.

Low Cost Of Living

One of the most significant advantages of buying houses for sale in Cosby Tennessee is that it offers a low cost of living, especially when compared to other cities in the same region. This makes Cosby one of the most affordable places to live and invest in real estate. 

This is especially true if you have limited capital or are planning on moving from an area with high taxes or rent prices. Also, you’ll save money on day-to-day expenses such as groceries, clothes, and electronics.

Low Crime Rate

Another great reason to buy homes for sale in Cosby, Tennessee is its low crime rate. This is important for several reasons. First, you won’t have to worry about your family’s safety when they are out and about. 

Second, if you own a business, having a lower crime rate means your customers will be more comfortable shopping at your store. Finally, suppose you’re considering moving your family or starting a new business. In that case, you’ll want to know that the area in which you live or work is safe so that everyone can have peace of mind.

Cosby’s crime rate is lower than the national average and nearby cities such as Knoxville and Chattanooga. The city also ranks among some of its neighbors as one of the safest places in Tennessee.

The Climate Is A Great Feature

There is no doubt that Cosby, TN, is a great place to live. It’s also a great place to visit. The weather in Cosby is moderate, and the temperature stays pretty stable throughout the year with its four-season climate. You can expect an even distribution of snow and rain, making it easier to plan your activities without worrying about unpredictable weather conditions.

When most people think about buying cabins for sale in Cosby TN, they tend to overlook this vital aspect of their decision-making process. However, it’s always better to go into any real estate investment knowing as much as possible about the area where you want your home built or purchased. So, there are no surprises when it comes time for renovations or repairs later down the road.

No Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is a significant problem in most cities, but not in Cosby. The city is connected to the rest of Tennessee by an excellent system of roads and highways that makes it easy for people to travel anywhere they want to go. You will not have trouble finding homes for sale near Cosby TN, because there are plenty of them here.

11 Reasons Why Buying A Property For Sale Cosby TN Is A Good Idea

11 Reasons Why Buying A Property For Sale Cosby TN Is A Good Idea

The traffic infrastructure has been developed over time. This makes it possible for residents and visitors alike to get around easily without waiting too long at intersections or facing any other inconveniences caused by heavy road congestion.

There’s A Lot To Do In Cosby, TN

There are many things to do in this area, so you can be sure that there will always be something interesting for you to do. Here are some of the main recreational activities:

  • Fishing is a popular pastime in Cosby, TN, thanks to the abundance of lakes and rivers here. If you want to take advantage of these excellent fishing opportunities, consider buying a property for sale Cosby TN has today.
  • Hiking is another activity that many people enjoy here. Many hiking trails are located within striking distance of your home in Cosby. Therefore, it’s easy for you and your family to go hiking on weekends or whenever possible.
  • Swimming is also popular with residents because there are many local pools where people can swim all year round (even during winter). If swimming isn’t your thing, then maybe boating would be more up your alley. There are many marinas around town where people can rent boats or take sailing lessons if they need help learning how to operate one.

The People In Cosby Are Very Friendly

The people of Cosby are the friendliest you will find anywhere, and they ensure to create an open-armed environment for newcomers. They go out of their way to welcome new people into their community and are always willing to help you with your needs as a newcomer. 

If you need advice on where to go or who to talk to about something, they’ll be happy to guide you on your way. Even if it turns out that what they’re telling you doesn’t exactly fit into what your own plans were (which is rare), they really do want what’s best for other people.

Cosby Is A Land Of Opportunity For Businesses And Employees

Cosby is a great place for businesses and employees. It has many business and employment opportunities, so you can have the best of both worlds. As a business owner, you’ll be able to access resources that will help your bottom line grow exponentially. You can also enjoy having everything in one place, whether it’s retail shopping, dining options, or other entertainment venues.

Furthermore, Cosby is home to several large businesses like Walmart Supercenter and Dollar General, among others. Therefore there’s no shortage of jobs available here either. In fact, there are over 500 jobs in Cosby alone, making it ideal for someone looking for work (or even someone who already has one).

11 Reasons Why Buying A Property For Sale Cosby TN Is A Good Idea

11 Reasons Why Buying A Property For Sale Cosby TN Is A Good Idea

Economic Growth Is Steady In Cosby

One of the biggest reasons why investing in Cosby real estate is a good idea is its positive economic growth. The economy has seen consistent growth, thanks to increased population and business success. This can be attributed to several factors such as:

  • The small-town feel attracts people from all over Tennessee looking for a simpler life with less stress and more space on the property.
  • A robust school system emphasizes education and encourages students to work hard to get into college.
  • An increasing number of businesses opening up in town, bringing additional opportunities for job seekers.

Easy To Get Around

If you’re thinking about buying a house in Cosby, Tennessee, and you have never been there before, the chances are that you will need to get around. The great thing about this is that it’s easy to do so. 

Many transport options are available, including buses, taxis and rental cars. If you want to save money on traveling around Cosby, consider renting a bike or walking, as these are both cheap and healthy options.

In addition, Cosby has its own small airport, which can accommodate planes with flights arriving here from all over the United States, including New York City (NYC).

Strong Real Estate Market And Affordable House Prices

The real estate market is strong, and affordable housing prices in Cosby, TN. You do not have to worry about the market condition because the demand for property is always high. There will be no shortage of buyers if you decide to sell your house on the market. 

When buying a home, you can rest assured that plenty of options are available for you and your family at a reasonable price.

The cost of living in this town is reasonable compared to other metropolitan areas such as Memphis and Nashville. This means you will have more cash on hand after paying off your monthly mortgage, which can then be used for other expenses like buying groceries or going out with friends or family members after work ends each day.


Ultimately, it’s essential to consider all the factors that impact your decision-making process. In some cases, buying a property for sale Cosby TN has to offer might make more sense than renting because of how much money it can save you over time. 

The right move for you depends on many factors, including your finances, lifestyle, and what stage of life you’re in. But one thing remains true: by investing in a home today, you’ll be able to enjoy a lifetime of financial stability and peace of mind tomorrow.


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