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10 funny memes that made 2018 less horrible



10 funny memes that made 2018 less horrible 10 funny memes that made 2018 less horrible[/caption]

The Internet can be a weird, wild place, but sometimes it can surprise us with the most hilarious and genius viral trends. From Spongebob nostalgia to hit film references, these memes helped make 2018 a little more tolerable. 10. If You Don’t Love Me at My

Social media geniuses turned the classic adage, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best” into the perfect viral trend about growth and self-acceptance (kind of).

9. Tired Spongebob

Nothing sums up our end-of-year exhaustion better like an out-of-breath Spongebob Squarepants.

8. Woman Squinting

Kalin Elisa, known as @solo_kalin on Twitter became a viral sensation after posting a fly photoshoot to her feed, which included a bts shot of her getting winded and in a crouching pose. “When your knees are crying after you’ve squatted for the gram,” she wrote. But Twitter had other creative ideas.

7. Is This Your King?

The Marvel meme takeover continues, inspired by a defiant line spoken by Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) in Black Panther.

6. Surprised Pikachu

This Pokémon moment sums up how you feel when something shocking happens, even though you know it was going to happen anyway.

5. Gym Kardashian

After one Twitter user decided to photoshop muscular arms onto Kim Kardashian’s body, the reality TV star’s buff alter-ego was born.

4. Young Thug and Lil Durk at the Computer

Over the summer, hip-hop fans were fixated on a photo of rappers Young Thug and Lil Durk behind the computer together. It turns out, they were probably just “moving vocals around,”  but the Internet’s explanations were much more entertaining.

3. Rappers’ Real Names

After one Twitter user joked that Ice Cube’s real name was Icelandic Cubicle, madness ensued as other rap fans followed suit.

2. Jay-Z On a Jet-ski

On the mic, Hov is one of the coolest people on the planet. Off the mic, he’s cool as well…but it’s intriguing to see him doing regular shit, like riding on a Jet Ski. Maybe it was the determined look on his face. Maybe it was the helmet. Whatever the case, people took all kinds of joy from this one during the summer.

1. Baby Cardi B

Fans reimagined this adorable throwback photo of Cardi B into a sassy little tattletale. The rapper herself even chimed in on the trend on Instagram. We can’t wait to see what memes 2019 has in store for us!]]>