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10 kitchen hacks to become a pro



In this busy and hectic life, everyone searches for hacks that can reduce their workload especially when it comes to the kitchen. The kitchen is the most important place in the house and also a place where you spend the maximum time. Nowadays, it becomes really difficult to handle the kitchen. Here we have some cool kitchen hacks that will make you a pro in the kitchen. Keep scrolling till the end to not miss these amazing hacks and change the way you cook.

Choose Pan Over a Pot for Boiling Pasta

Most people prefer using a pot for boiling pasta. But, have you ever thought why to take too much water when you can simply boil it with less water as well as fewer efforts. Boiling pasta in a pan is the best option as you don’t have to use a lot of water in the vessel to pour them. Another great thing about this is you’ll have a lot of space in a pan to boil them effortlessly.

Choose to Micrwowave

If you want to go for the quickest hack, then you’ll be going to love this one. Why not boiling them into a microwave instead of going the old ways? All you need to do is to take just a cup of water and set the timer and you are done.

But it is recommended only when you are cooking for just one person as it takes a lot of stirring in between which is surely not possible when cooking for a large quantity.

Freeze Onions to not Cry each Time you Cook

The biggest task everyone fears doing in the kitchen are chopping onions. Who likes crying every time you are going to make something really tasty in a very happy mood? Well, we have the perfect solution for you in this case. To save you and your eyes multiple times in a day from crying is to store the onions in a freezer after chopping.

You can simply store the onions for a long time after chopping them in sandwich bags. You no longer need to cut onions every time you are going to make something. Storing them in a freezer will keep them fresh for a long time. Isn’t it a life-saving hack, or should we call it a tear saving hacks!!

Place a Damp Towel Under the Chopper Board

Most of the time we end up putting the chopping board into our feet due to the slippery surface it is placed on. The best solution to save you from getting into this situation is to use a damp towel under the board.

By placing a damp towel under the chopping board, you will have a smooth and hurdle free experience where you don’t have to distract from the fear of getting it slipped. This small hack can help you a lot while working in a kitchen by reducing efforts as well as timings.

Freeze Marinated Chicken Breasts for a Quick-Cooking

Cooking your favorite chicken takes a lot of effort and of course time. There are different kinds of marinades we put on the chicken before cooking. The best hack is to marinate your chicken with your favorite one and put it in a freezer inside a Ziploc bag.

Storing them marinated in a freezer will help you cook anytime without having to worry about the marinating process. Now all you need to do is to just put the chicken into the pan straight from the freezer after thawing in a fridge and you are done!!

Cover Your Food with a wet napkin while putting in a microwave

Have you ever noticed that your food becomes rough while cooking or reheating them in a microwave? We have a cool hack to make your food moist and fresh. Just take a wet towel and place it over the food you are going to put into the microwave.

By doing so, the food will not lose its moisture due to the contact of direct heat it gets inside the microwave. This small hack will help you make your food contain its real aroma and freshness.

Use a flat surface instead of an edged surface to crack eggs

Now you must be thinking is there also a technique to crack eggs on a particular surface? Well, the answer is definitely yes! Cracking eggs over edged surfaces also breaks the shell into small pieces which ultimately gets into the vessel along with the egg.

To save you omelets from those broken pieces of eggshell, use a flat surface for breaking your egg. It will help the egg break equally without hitting the surfaces.

Get a roti-maker

In this hectic life, no one has time to cook Rotis especially when you have a whole family to feed. For this, Rotimatic has revolutionized the kitchen experience. Now all you need to do is just put the ingredients into your Rotimatic, a roti-maker and you will get fresh and hot Rotis in some minutes. Read the Rotimatic reviews to get further information about the product and buy one for yourself to reduce your workload.

Shake garlic cloves in a container for peeling them around

Who likes getting the smell of garlic on their hands while peeling them off? To save you from this situation, we have this amazing hack for you. With the help of this, you can easily peel your garlic cloves without even using your hands.

Use a container with a lid and put the garlic cloves inside them and shake them tightly for each use. shaking them tightly will separate all the garlic cloves from the peels directly and you are done. Now, you can save your hands from that stinky smell of garlic that lasts over a week.

Rub olive oil to your knife for chopping garlic

Do you also have to get the garlic sticks to the knife while chopping them? We have a very interesting hack for you that can magically save yourself from getting into this situation. Rub some olive oil into your knife and then chop the garlic to have a non-sticky chopping experience.