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10 online slot tips



Online slots at Wizard Slots are exhilarating games that if you know your way around you can have a good chance of winning some cash on. There are some ins and outs of the games that you should get a grasp on before playing. In this article, we will cover 10 great tips for online slots.

Tip 1 – Always investigate the game developer

Not only will the difference in game developers show through the gameplay, but the best in the industry offer the top rewards and bonuses that make playing with them worth your time.

Tip 2 – Start by playing for free to practice

There are countless versions of free online slots out there and practicing on some of these is advisable to get a feel for the games. You will learn about features such as multipliers, wilds and pay tables which will greatly enhance your gameplay!

Tip 3 – Play with no deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are gifts given to you by the site in the form of cash! This means you are pretty much playing with free money which is something nobody should say no to. Bear in mind when doing this there is things known as wagering requirements. Wagering requirements mean you must deposit a certain amount before withdrawing money.

Tip 4 – Play more often with smaller amounts

As online slots operate with an RNG (Random Number Generator) your chances of a win when you spin are always the same. To keep spending to a minimum as well as keep seeing wins, it is advisable that you play a decent amount with relatively low cash input.

Tip 5 – Know what casino’s you are playing on

Different online casinos will offer different rewards and bonuses along with varying types of gameplay themes. Make sure you pick a cassino that is offering a good bonus and the games that you enjoy playing.

Tip 6 – Develop a strategy that works for you

There are all kinds of mathematical and tactical strategies that allow players to win more often when it comes to online slots. Have a look online or get working on some algorithms that you think will get you the victory!

Tip 7 – Quit while you’re ahead

We understand it is tempting to keep betting when you are in the green as you want to see more and more profit. However, it is a good idea to set yourself a limit on how much you want to bet and stick to that. There is nothing worse than the feeling of going under once you have already been on top.

Tip 8 – Do not use branded slots

Branded slots are those that fall under major labels of things like films or music bands. These often have the lowest RTP and highest volatility which means you are less likely to win by playing them.

Tip 9 – Only use max bet when playing progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots have the highest winnings of any slot game but the lowest win rate. Because of this, you can increase your odds of winning by betting high to ensure you  are eligible for the win.

Tip 10 – Play for fun as well!

As online slots fall under the gaming category as well as gambling, it is important that you have a good time when you play. Remember that developers are doing all they can to improve graphics and design for your enjoyment, so sit back, relax, and get a thrill while you play!