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10 Questions On Healthcare In Ghana



Ever Since I can remember, there have always been people coming on TV or radio to  appeal for funds for medical conditions. From infants  born with hole in heart conditions and children with hydrocephalus to adults with tumors or organ failure, it is a constant to see people pleading for help to settle medical bills.


Last week, one such case was highly publicised online. A popular Ghanaian artist needed help. This young man has done art work on many relevant social issues like rape, mob justice, etc and made paintings of some famous people including the current first family. His work is well known by many so when his friends setup gofundme and mobile money accounts and shared them online, within a short while, it was trending on Gh twitter and subsequently on other social media platforms.

Within 18 hours, the target amount was reached! It was quite heartwarming to see so many people coming together to support a good cause and the power of social media and being popular for good reasons was evident. In the past week, more gofundmes and Momo accounts have been set up for various people who also need assistance and people are donating. I am happy for the people getting help and their families. However, I can’t help but be annoyed and saddened at the same time that this is how things are in my homeland.


I have a lot of questions and here are 10 of them:

1- How long can we rely on crowdfunding whenever someone falls sick? Until people get donor fatigue and develop some sort of blind eye to such calls for help?

2- Why do people still have to travel long distances to get  access to  health institutions in the year 2020?

3- Do most hospitals have the needed facilities? -No!


4- How many faculties do we have to train doctors in this country and how many medical students are admitted each year?- Not enough!

5- How long do doctors, nurses and other health professionals stay at home before they are posted to hospitals? – Too long!

6- Why do people have to travel out of the country for delicate treatment (which comes at huge financial costs) when we could train our own in this country? Why do we have so few specialists?

7- Is the Ghanaian populace well educated on health issues?- A big No!


8- Why does the National Health Insurance Scheme cover so few conditions and medications?

9- What is the government doing about all this?

10- Are Ghanaians comfortable with being one illness away from bankruptcy and/or death?

This campaign season, do you want to make jokes about “Papano” or you want to know what your politicians can and will do for the development of this country? This is the time to demand from your aspiring parliamentary and presidential candidates logical solutions to national issues. No one wants to be the next name on an appeal for funds poster, so we should demand for better healthcare now.


P.S: Now more than ever, I am passionate about making sure our organisation, “Foundation for Universal Healthcare” succeeds. Follow us on social media and support us on our journey to ensuring better healthcare for all.

Twitter: @FUHC_

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Facebook: Foundation for universal healthcare


A think piece by Dr. Andreana  A. Awog-badek, a concerned citizen.

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