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10 reasons why Herbert Mensah should be appointed GFA President



With the dissolution of the Ghana Football Association on the cards following Anas Aremeyaw Anas’s investigative documentary, exposing the rot and corruption in Ghanaian footballer, avid reader, Leslie Brobbey shares his 10 reasons why Herbert Mensah should be appointed GFA President. Do you agree with him?  

1. Experienced sports administrator, that can seamlessly fit into the role of President of the GFA.
2. The few years where he was Chairman of Kotoko, saw the team, transformed from an amateur  into a professional club.
3. The local football scene was momentarily revived during the presence of Herbert Mensah at Kotoko, with enthusiastic fans flogging back to the stadiums.
4. An astute, articulate and effective communicator, he will be able to calm the current euphoria of corruption within the corridors of the GFA.
5. The real value of local football can only be realized by somebody that understands marketing and evidence of his transformation of Kotoko in the early 2000’s is a great example of his ability.
6. His current role as head of Ghana Rugby, where he has successfully introduced the sport to locals and built a team and competed at international level, proves he has the organizational capacity to build on  Ghana football.
7. A successful businessman, who will be keen to build a lasting legacy for Ghana football, both locally and internationally.
8. After the crisis at the GFA, Ghana needs a strong, respected and experienced individual at the helm.
9. In a country, where politics dominates every facet of our society, Herbert will be a great choice, as he has managed to stay away from active politics, therefore this appointment will not be deemed as politically motivated. He would be able to operate, without being tagged as representing the interests of the current government.
10. Herbert has the capability to guide Ghana football to dominate the local African scene again. His worldly and local experience, will be critical in building the structures required in helping football from the grassroots to take off.
Leslie Brobbey

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