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10 Reasons Why You Should Strongly Consider Studying In France



Every year, many parents from all over the country scramble to find the best opportunities for their wards to study abroad. Studying overseas has many benefits, not only for the students but also for the country, as many of these graduates often return with important skills as well as the much better work ethic required to build our economy.

Making informed decisions about the best countries to study in can be stressful for parents and students, as many agencies compete to sell them all manner of packages. You could make the entire process a lot easier and smoother by using Magoosh – an online company that can help you with all aspects of the process. In this well-researched article, I’ll be zeroing in on why France is a great study destination for folks considering opportunities to study abroad.

Here are the top 10 reasons why France is one of the greatest nations in the world to pursue higher education.

  • The quality of education on offer
  • Strong employment prospects
  • Easy access to Europe
  • Financial benefits
  • Language flexibility
  • An environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Amazing history
  • Rich culture
  • Advanced industry & a strong economy
  • Exquisite cuisine

Let’s now dig into the details.

  1. The quality of education on offer

France draws an increasing number of international students every year thanks to its highly regarded research and educational institutions. For good reason, the country’s educational institutions enjoy a strong reputation around the world.

The ability of French Universities to deliver a high standard of teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels is the foundation of its position as a leader in international education. Additionally, cross-border collaborations inside Europe have contributed to the development of a powerful, intellectual global community.

  1. Strong employment prospects

Companies all over the world are aware of the high caliber of French higher education institutions and the value of French degrees.

Along with receiving a top-notch education that will improve graduates’ employability, studying in France also gives students the opportunity to develop in-demand interpersonal skills like adaptability, self-reliance, and cross-cultural awareness. Both small businesses and large corporations seek workers who can succeed outside of their “comfort zone.”

Many Universities are located in diversified cities such as Bordeaux, Paris, and Marseille. All these cities have fantastic networking potential. France also provides a “post-study work stream,” which permits a certain number of work visas each year for foreign graduates to remain and work in France as long as certain requirements are met.

  1. Your front door to Europe

Studying in France has benefits, such as affordable weekend and holiday travel to a number of fun European destinations. Many strategically located University campuses in France provide quick access to must-visit areas.

Bordeaux is near to the enormous beaches of the Atlantic coast, less than an hour from the world’s best vineyards in Saint-Emilion.

Marseille, located on the Mediterranean coast in the south-east of France, has more sunshine and less activity than most French cities. For folks who enjoy nature and countryside living, Marseille is the place to be.


Paris obviously needs no introduction. The world-famous center of French culture, cuisine, and architecture, allows anyone to quickly and easily access flights to any major attraction in France as well as the capital cities of Europe, including London, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Dublin etc.

  1. Financial Opportunities

International students in France can also benefit from a wide range of scholarships and financial aid opportunities to help defray the cost of tuition and housing. Additionally, students also receive free universal health coverage.

The cost of living for international students in France is roughly EUR 8,000 per year, which is significantly less expensive than attending a university in the USA. France offers international students a great standard of affordable extracurricular activities and a variety of student discounts (movie tickets, museum admission, travel, restaurants, etc.), enabling them to experience a high standard of living.

Studying abroad in France makes financial sense because the costs are far lower than in other nations (such as the USA, New Zealand, Canada, or Australia). Fees for international students across different Universities in France typically range from €8,500 to €19,900 depending on the degree level and the chosen program.

 These are mere estimates however. To get the very latest in scholarship opportunities, fees and immigration laws, kindly contact the primary French state agency responsible for all study in France activities Campus France Ghana.

  1. Language flexibility

A good number of international programs in French Universities are taught entirely in English. No knowledge of French is required to enroll.

Of course, in order to get the most out of your exposure to the country’s culture, it makes perfect sense to try to learn French. A strong asset for increasing employability is learning a new language. It shows a desire for exploration, adaptability, and the desire to learn about a different culture and way of life.

French is spoken by some 300 million people on five continents. Including all our neighboring countries. Making it a useful language in preparing for a future international career.

  1. An environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship

Did you that France is the European nation with the most of the top 100 most innovative companies? President Macron pledged to turn France into a “startup nation,” and as a result, a vibrant ecosystem of start-ups, research facilities, Universities, and significant corporations has grown over the past few years.

Entrepreneurs can choose from a variety of industries, including those in fashion, food, high tech, energy, and other areas. Entrepreneurs in France are in a good position to prosper in a supportive environment because they have key success factors like the robust startup ecosystem, capital that is readily available, and a rich history.

Furthermore, public investment banks, private investors, and government programs are all contributing to France’s rapid expansion as a digital powerhouse.

  1. Amazing history

Foreign students studying in France have a wealth of historical terrain to explore.  Everywhere you go there are breathtaking architecture and renowned museums to marvel at.

You can also explore the numerous ancient sites that date back centuries, take in the distinctive multi-cultural atmosphere of France’s most diverse cities, and enjoy the astonishingly well-preserved centuries-old structures.

The constant experience and interaction with great history and culture makes France a wonderful place to stay for curious minds. Which brings us nicely into the next key point.

  1. Rich culture

France is a country where arts and culture are deeply ingrained. World-class cultural landscapes that exudes innovation and refinement make studying there an exciting experience. It is not surprising that France is the birthplace of many of the world’s most talented artists today.

The nation has a rich history of art of many kinds, including exquisite works of art, architectural wonders, music, photography, graphic arts, and new media. As you may know, Paris is the center of the global fashion industry. So if fashion is your thing then you’ll thoroughly enjoy Paris.

  1. Advanced industry & a strong economy

France is one of the top 3 economic powers in Europe and a member of the G7. Tourism, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals are the three main sectors of the nation’s diverse economy.

 31 of the 500 largest firms in the world are headquartered in France. The nation’s infrastructure and economy are both highly developed and focused on the free market. Despite the global economic challenges that have hit Europe very hard over the last year or so, the French economy has remained resilient.


As a foreign student, a strong economy means more economic opportunities for you. It means better job or entrepreneurship prospects for you upon completion.

  1. Exquisite cuisine

The reputation of French cuisine is legendary around the world. While living in France you will discover world-famous specialties by dipping into the French tradition of fantastic dining, which ranges from inexpensive street meals to exclusive Michelin Star restaurants. Whatever your preferences, France has a vast range of cuisines to enjoy in its various regions.

Paris is renowned for its café culture and its unrivaled selection of gastronomic restaurants. Bordeaux boasts the largest wine selection available anywhere. Interesting local and Mediterranean food influenced by European and North African nations is widely available in Marseille. Put simply, food will be the least of your problems if you live in any part of France.


I hope you found this article helpful and informative. As you have seen, France provides an excellent, world class opportunity for all prospective students who are willing and able to afford to take advantage of such opportunities.


 From the quality of education on offer to the quality of social life across France and employment opportunities available, France is clearly an excellent destination to study.

By Aboagye T. Mintah

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