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10 Things to Do Before Moving out of Your Apartment in the U.K.



To many people, moving is usually not an easy thing, and it’s no exception to those living in the U.K. One reason why most people find it hard to move is that, well, let’s face it, we are human! More often than not, we may want things to stay as they are.

Before making the final decision about moving, there are so many variables that come into play, not forgetting that we are all creatures of comfort and habit. This may affect some of us more than it does others. But when it’s time to move, especially due to some underlying factors such as work-related reasons, companionship or due to medical reasons, then you just have to face whatever fears come your way and embrace change.

Nonetheless, there are several factors you’ll need to consider before moving. First and foremost, considering that moving is most of the time expensive, you want to ensure that you have your finances in order. If you consider yourself to be more prone to stress, you need to know that there’s nothing to freak out over. And for the last-minute kind of guys, avoid the temptation of assuming that you can get by, throwing all your stuff in one place and heading out. There’s more to moving than meets the eye. Below, we’ll be highlighting ten things to do before moving out of your apartment in the U.K.

1. Sort Things Out With Your Landlord

Earlier on, we mentioned something to do with your rent deposit, right? Of course, we didn’t, but if you want your rent security deposit money back, you’ll need to do more than ask! First and foremost, it’s very important to inform your rental agency or your landlord by giving them a notice at the right time. You may also need to revisit the rental agreement you signed before checking into the apartment. Most rental agreements require one or two months’ notice. But reading the contract isn’t all that you need to do to make your move from your U.K. apartment smooth. You will also want to:


  • Clear all the balances – Before moving, it’s very important to pay off your rent and other fees that may be in arrears.

  • Leave nothing behind – Out of your good heart, you may be tempted to leave your sweet couch to the next tenant. While this may be helpful to someone else, your landlord may not have the same sentiments and you may be charged for that. So, always ensure to leave no trace.

  • Leave it clean – At the end of your tenancy in an apartment, it’s very important to leave it in good condition if not the way you found it. This may include decluttering, conducting repairs, and fixing anything that might have gotten damaged during your tenancy. And you don’t need to do it by yourself. Michael from Royal Cleaning, a renowned end of tenancy cleaning London company, asserts that very few landlords or letting agents will accept to incur the expense of cleaning your apartment for you after moving, and this gives them a reason to hold on to your security deposit. As a matter of fact, some may even require that your apartment be examined for pests. These are just a few of the many reasons to look for a good end-of-tenancy cleaning company before moving out of your U.K. apartment.

2. Notify Utility Companies

Before the moving date, it may also be necessary to notify your utility service providers of your moving. This may include gas, electricity, and water companies. To do this, ensure you call or write in good timing, providing them with your new address and also, ensuring that you clear any pending fees and other charges.

3. Cancel Your Cable and Telephone Subscriptions

In the U.K., most telephone lines and pipework belong to the British Telecommunication company, which is now known as the BT group. So before moving out, ensure to call them and cancel your telephone line/s if you actually own one. Additionally, you also need to cancel your T.V. and phone subscriptions, but if you had a contract with the providers, you may only need to give them your change of address.

4. Update Your Voting Details

Now, if you are enrolled as a voter in the U.K., it’s very important to ensure you keep your electoral roll updated. This is especially the case if you are moving from one property to another. To do this when moving, you’ll need to change your address details online in the ‘register to vote’ service or visit the local council offices.

5. Take Inventory

Before moving out of your apartment, you’ll also need to take inventory of all your household goods. This will help ensure that all your belongings are accounted for during and after the moving process. In addition to this, you may have signed some sort of agreement with your landlord on some defects when moving into the apartment. Whatever it was, ensure that you’ve consulted with that inventory and fix whatever you may have broken within your tenure. 

6. Hire a Moving Company

As earlier mentioned, moving has never been easy. It’s a painstaking undertaking that could possibly drain you financially, physically, and mentally. Having someone who can share some, if not all of the load from your shoulders will go a long way towards ensuring that your moving is less burdensome and that it goes as planned. Most moving companies offer additional services such as packing and unpacking, moving (with) pets, as well as moving special cargo such as a collection of art, fragile valuables, and oversized items.

7. Gather All the Keys

It’s highly likely that your landlord or rental agency will ask you to turn over all the apartment keys, including community keys and other passcodes such as keys to the mailroom, gate cards,  and badges. But this should be on the day you depart for good, so gather them and keep them in a safe place to avoid last-minute inconveniences.

8. Change/Cancel the Renter’s Insurance (if any)

Just like in many other places, in the U.K., many people living in apartments own Renters Insurance. Before moving, it’s very important to consult with your insurance company and advise them of the move and give them your new address. This will ensure an effective transfer of your policy to the new apartment.

9. Schedule a Walkthrough Inspection

It’s important that before moving, you schedule an inspection with your landlord or rental agent. The best day for property inspection should be when you’re sure that everything has been moved out. This is to just ensure that any discrepancies left out during the move have been handled on the spot and to ensure that the landlord has made and recorded accurate comments on their books.

10. Say Your Goodbyes in Style

Depending on the relationship you had with your neighbors, it really doesn’t hurt to invite them over for a going away party before your move. It doesn’t even have to be held in your apartment; a different location can also make do. There are so many local parks or restaurants where you can host your small group of friends or family members. Alternatively, you have the option of sending online gift cards to your friends and family members, informing them of your move, and providing them with your new address details. Don’t forget to invite your closest ones to your housewarming party, especially if you’re moving into your own house.

In theory, the idea of moving is exciting, but as the moving day draws closer, it gets scary. In addition to that, the uncertainties and disruptions can cause overwhelming anxiety and stress. To be on the safe side, it’s important to have a good plan and strategy. The pointers above will provide you important insights on things you’ll need to consider when planning a move and before moving out of your apartment.