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10 Things we all wish would disappear from Ghana



If we all had the power to make some things go away, we will not hesitate at all. These 10 things must be on every Ghanaians’ list.

There are some annoying things that push us all to the limit. Is it drivers constantly blowing their horns? Always being lied to by our so-called ‘honourable’ politicians?

Here are a few irritating, useless things we wish will disappear from Ghana for good, so we can all live happily ever after.

1. Drivers blowing horns for no reason.

Just take a chill pill taxi and trotro drivers!

annoying things in ghana

2. Lying politicians.

Next election, they will come and tell us the same things they said during the last election.

annoying things in ghana

3. Fake pastors.

Turn on your radio, dem dey there. TV, dem dey there. Buses, dem spoil there too.

4. Friend zone.

Good luck finding the exit from a Ghanaian lady’s friend zone.

annoying things in ghana

5. Fake accents.

Ghanaian movies, music, radios! The fact that a mic is in front of you, and you can speak the Queen’s language does not make you one of them. Enough!

annoying things in ghana

6. Protruding bellies.

It walks in before the person actually does!

annoying things in ghana

7. Slow internet connection.

Try streaming an HD video, you will grow grey hairs and it will still be buffering.

annoying things in ghana

8. Mosquitoes.

Umm malaria, I hate you!

annoying things in ghana

9. Untarred roads.

They won’t let my white sneakers be great.

annoying things in ghana

10. Sorting people out.

I have to see someone the table just to get …

annoying things in ghana

What are some things you wish will disappear from Ghana?

I came to experience Ghana because it had the highest percentage on my Ancestry DNA results – Blacklist star, Dembe



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