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A lot of people on social media have brought to my attention, the works of 10-year-old Khloe Thompson which according to reports have helped to bring clean water  and flushing toilets to parts of rural Ghana. After starting her own homeless charity, Khloe Kares in Los Angeles,  Khloe Thompson headed to Ghana to inspire other young girls to make the world a better place.

Her Khloe Kares is an industrious charity aimed at helping impoverished communities and the homeless. One of Khloe’s recent projects includes raising $12,000 to bring a borehole water pump and bathroom facilities to the village of Abidjan Nkwanta in Ghana.

Before Khloe’s pump was installed, children and people in the community had to pay the expensive price to build their own borehole or buy water from the government. While the running water and flushing toilets are for the community school, locals and come and buy water, giving those proceeds back to the school for continued water maintenance and supply. Additionally, the project’s free water access for school kids will hopefully incentive parents to send their kids to school.