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10 years on! Mother of Terry Bonchaka thinks Terry was murdered



terry bonchakaMadam Charlotte Adjetey, the mother of the late talented musician,  Terry Bonchaka, believes that her son did not die a natural death. According to his mother, the ‘Poulele’ hitmaker was killed as events that led to his sudden demise were suspicious and unbelievable. Real name Terrence Nii Okang Mensah Adjetey, then a 21-year-old, died on Friday October 31, 2003 after performing at the Akuafo Hall of the University of Ghana in their Hall Week Celebration. Adjetey met his untimely death in a fatal accident on the Legon-Madina road when the vehicle in which he was riding, together with friend Rasta, suddenly veered off the road and hit a tree. He was pronounced dead at the 37 Military Hospital. Speaking in an exclusive interview with TV3, an obviously sad and worried but relaxed mother spoke truly as a mother who truly knew her son. In Ghanaian tradition, it is believed that when the body of a dead person looks different from when the person was alive; it means the person did not die a natural death. The change of face or a frown on the face of the body shows that the person is not happy with his or her demise. Consequently, when the remains look so much like when the person was alive, it is said to be a sign of a natural death. Madam Charlotte Adjetey said she discovered a little mishap on the neck of her son, which gave her the indication that; indeed, her son was not called to rest by the Almighty God, and that there were some hidden hands at work somewhere. She observed: “When they brought the body [Terry Bonchaka’s remains] out … when you look at the neck, [it] was as if something has been done to the neck, so [for] me, I think something happened to him before [she paused for a while] they hit that tree … that’s what I can say,” she said in a shaking voice. According to her, when she’s watching other musicians on television who started just like her son, “I just look at them and say if my boy [son] would have been here; maybe it would be more beautiful more than this. But they are also trying, they are doing well.” She therefore advised musicians to be careful of persons they call friends, as not all friends are friends. “They [musicians] should be careful of themselves because out there, it’s not the way you see it. There is something that you people should very be careful of, because not all friends are friends.” Terry Bonchaka left behind tunes such as Poulele, Ghana Lady, Lomnava, Bonchaka-ta, African Chow, Zoozey, Nkabom, Sweetie, Chichinapi, Ewurade, Kaasha Flash and others.]]>

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