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10 years of The X-factor – Yes, TV singing competitions are made for the UK!!! #xfactorUK



xfactor UKReality TV/talent shows became a global phenomenon some 15 years ago and with the success of formats such as Pop Idols, Fame Academy and the X-factor; we have seen the birth of same or similar concepts in Ghana and the rest of Africa. Whereas the novelty paved the way for some talents to be discovered in Ghana, only a few have had commercial success, perhaps a testament to the fact that these shows are not to be copied blindly. It is not surprising therefore that popular shows such as TV3 Mentor and Stars of the Future have failed to be consistent in recent times.  Vodafone Icons, MTN Hitmakers and other new formats are yet to have any real commercial success for any of their winners. I have been in the UK for some two weeks now, and it has confirmed what I have always said, that the UK is the home of all these successful TV formats which then are taken to the US and blown up like the Americans do to everything else. And as I watched the 10th birthday episode of the X-Factor on Saturday night, I observed how the show is still relevant after so many years. I have also realised that these TV talent shows are made for the UK and they fit the music culture perfectly. Whenever I look at the UK charts, they are often flooded with songs from past winners and contestants of TV talent shows. Often they make the charts with their original songs and even covers of old hits (sometime even covers of covers..haha…only in the UK).  In America, it’s becoming difficult for recent winners of talent shows to have chart success. The 10th anniversary episode of X Factor was surely fun and the excitement around the show doesn’t look like it will be ending any time soon. Opening with a performance by 2009 runner-up, Olly Murs, the show saw amazing performances from the top 6, Nicolas McDonald, Hannah Barret, Luke Friend, Rough Copy, Tamera Foster and Sam Bailey. Also, the contestants this week received coaching from past X-factor winners and contestants including chart topping Leona Lewis, Alexandra burke, Shane Ward and Little Mix Here is  what the finalists performed on the night: Hannah Barrett – Hallelujah, Luke Friend – What Makes You Beautiful, Nicholas McDonald – The Climb, Rough Copy – Don’t Let Go, Sam Bailey – Bleeding Love, Tamera Foster – Impossible. Nicolas McDonald also received a cake on the show for his 17th birthday. So who will miss out on the top 5? My favourites were Hannah, Sam, Nicholas and Rough Copy. I have a feeling Tamera will be axed!!!    ]]>

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