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Staying fit with Kelechi Opara

Kelechi Opara is a Nigerian-born entrepreneur and fitness model currently living in San Diego, California. He was born to Nigerian parents and raised in Detroit Michigan but I lived in Nigeria for 7 years before going back again to the States. He stands at an impressive 5’9ft and weigh 182 lbs with a body fat […]



Kelechi Opara is a Nigerian-born entrepreneur and fitness model currently living in San Diego, California. He was born to Nigerian parents and raised in Detroit Michigan but I lived in Nigeria for 7 years before going back again to the States. He stands at an impressive 5’9ft and weigh 182 lbs with a body fat between 4.5% on the regular and below 3% at certain times in the year.

So far, most of his modeling jobs have been by chance because he hasn’t pursued modeling seriously yet. “Every book, calendar and magazine I have been on was by chance. The author or an editor sees a picture of me and they ask me to do a shoot for them. I have turned down several opportunities in the past because of my former job.

Kelechi started modeling around 2004/2005 when he was featured in a book called Functional Fitness. With motivation and inspiration from his role model, international cover fitness model Obadike and his cousin /workout partner Peter Martin. “Peter has been supporting me from day one. He’s like a rock. I just recently met Obi; the guy is very humble and intelligent. In the short time I have known him, he has helped a ton. He’s currently helping me with a show I’m doing in April,” he comments.

I caught up with him to find out more about him, work and to get some tips on how to stay fit and healthy.

Ameyaw Debrah: What inspired you to get into modeling?

I remember it like it was yesterday still. Men’s Health had a contest for their readers. They wanted the readers to submit their pictures and the staff would pick the top 10. Then, out of the top ten the readers/people on their forums would vote for the people that they think should be in the magazine. My friends and some of the readers on the forum suggested that I should enter which I did. I wasn’t in the top 10 and it actually caused a small commotion amongst the readers in the forum to which one of the editors (Lou Schuler) answered why I wasn’t on the top 10. He said the reason was that I was too dark – he didn’t mean this in a racist way. He said darker skins are harder to photograph because it absorbs too much light. Sure enough, the top 10 that they picked were one light skinned black guy and the rest were white, which I didn’t notice until after he said what he did. Before then, I never really noticed that there were hardly any blacks on their cover. Although there is some validity to his answer, nevertheless I stopped buying Men’s Health and stopped visiting the site. This added fuel to the fire though – nothing out of anger.

Ameyaw Debrah: Which other forms of modeling would like to explore?As of right now, I am focusing on fitness modeling. However, I am open minded enough to explore any other opportunity that might arise. I am a rookie in this industry so the only thing major I have done is a book, calendar and magazine. My philosophy is the same as Henry Ford’s quote “the person who believe they can and the person who believe they can not are both right” so anything is possible in spite of the obstacles.

Ameyaw Debrah: What are the highlights so far for you?The highlights for me have been the aforementioned jobs I did with the book, calendar and magazine. Muscle Tech wanted to sponsor me however the fit wasn’t there. They wanted a bodybuilder which I’m not.

Ameyaw Debrah: What a routine day for you like?A routine day starts the night before, I write down what I plan to accomplish the next day. I wake up make breakfast and while I’m eating I answer the emails I have – the bulk of which are people who want to know how I stay in shape, tips, etc. Immediately after that, I attend to my shop to make sure everything is going well. After that I start working on the current business start up that’s coming up, which involves a lot meetings and designs. I usually hit the Gym later in the evening time. After I get back, I answer some more emails, and then call it a night after writing down what I plan to do the next day.

Ameyaw Debrah: What is your training or exercising regimen like?My regimen consists of heavy compound movements. I center my routines on exercises that will give you results fast. Much to my surprise, I have discovered people avoid these exercises because they believe it’s too hard. The ones who tried are surprised how fast they see results and how good they look. I rarely go past 10 reps (usually 6-8). Contrary to popular belief, you don’t get toned by doing an inordinate amount of reps with lightweight. However, I’m not saying never do light weights. I’m saying lift medium-heavy weights more so than you would light weights. In addition, most of my routine is designed recruiting the abs, and it doesn’t involve using a ball.

Ameyaw Debrah: Any special diets or habits?I cycle my macro nutrients and minimize my carbohydrates depending on the day for the most part. The reason I cycle my carbs, protein and fat is because just like your body gets used to exercising, it gets used to the way you eat. In addition there are days you don’t need to eat that much carbs, i.e. a day you know all you are going to be doing is sitting.

Ameyaw Debrah: What impact do social networks have on your job?Most of my jobs I have gotten through model mayhem. I only got one from a social network site and that was MySpace. The editor of a magazine saw my picture and asked me to send more so he can use. Unfortunately I was half a world away from everything. Luckily, a friend of mine, the super-talented Dexter Simmons came through for me. I was able to take the pictures in a war torn country which you couldn’t tell from the pictures.

Kelechi’s Fitness TipsNutrition is 80% of the game: Never skip breakfast, always have protein when you are eating carbs. Drink plenty of water throughout the day (boosts metabolism by 30 percent). Eat frequently (watch your meal portions you shouldn’t feel stuffed) to stabilize glucose and avoid slowing your metabolism.

Exercise: contrary to popular beliefs lifting light weight with an inordinate amount of reps doesn’t get you “cut” or in other words toned, lift medium to heavy weights as low as 5 reps and as high as 12 reps. Sprints are better than steady state cardio. Work your biggest muscle group more any other muscle, this means back and legs not biceps and chest. This does speed up your metabolism and helps your body burn more fat.

Cycling your carbohydrates: Lower your carbohydrates on the days you don’t do anything. Avoid carbohydrates at night time (or evening unless you are working out). So you could say that I’m an advocate of moderate to low carb diet. Carbohydrates isn’t bad however, it is the main reason for obesity in my opinion.

The do’s and don’ts of staying fit Don’t skip break fast Don’t avoid doing legs. I see a lot of men and women do the beach body workouts Don’t only do crunches and expect to get a flat stomach or six pack. Do sprints or HIIT (high intensity interval training) Do squats and lunges Do pull ups– a lot of them Do try to have a meal or snack with protein every 3 to 4 hours Do the muscles you don’t see twice as many times as the muscles you do see to avoid injury.


Ameyaw Meets

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Ameyaw Meets

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Ameyaw Meets

INTERVIEW: From Ghana to Italy and back, Shadowboy Myzic recounts his almost decade-long journey, new single ft. Kelvyn Boy and more



The Ghanaian-Italian Afrobeat star may not be one you’ve heard enough of, but with his new single ‘Better’ out now, the floodgates are officially open. He’s keen on bridging the gap between Europe and African music; particularly through Afrobeat and his latest release featuring Kelyvn Boy is the plug.
Join us, as Shadowboy Myzic expounds on his enigmatic name and self, all down to a fiery Italian freestyle.

Thanks for making time for us Shadowboy Myzic. It’s always a joy to host a new face. We can’t help but ask, why Shadowboy Myzic? What’s the story behind such an enigmatic name?
The name Shadowboy Myzic is spiritual blessing from my lovely mother. She used to call me (sunsum) when I was a child simply because my mother is very known in the city of Palermo and a market woman. She owns African shops and restaurants in Palermo. In my childhood, I was the personal assistant to my mother, whenever she goes out of the shop, I assist her until she returns. During that period, being a child growing I need time to play with my friends so as soon as I see my mother returns, I have to vanish to join my friends to play and the old woman will look for me everywhere but will not find me then she will be like you are indeed (sunsum) because you can vanish in a twinkle of an eye. From there I got ‘’sunsum’’ attached to my name.

Looking for a stage name, I felt ‘’sunsum’’ was a blessing from my mother because our shadows follow us everywhere. That’s where I got Shadowboy and Myzic simply means in our own interpretation, (my music). That’s where Shadowboy Myzic was generated.

You featured Kelyvn Boy on your new single, ‘Better’ and some fans may be wondering; “Who’s this new guy?” Mind telling us about yourself and Myzic Empire?
Daniel Kyei is my name, I was born in Ghana and raised in Palermo, Italy. I started writing music at the age of 9 but I got my first opportunity to record at the age of 18 – my first mixtape which then gave me the energy to do more and also set up a record label called Myzic Empire Records. Thanks to my first mixtape that I launched in 2012, I got some attention from my community Palermo where I got lots of compliments but no one was ready to give me a big push so I continued slowly with my friend, Kwamzizy who was the only one who supported me in when I needed to shoot videos for my mixtapes back then. In our little ways we managed to get noticed by some people in our city where we grew up but it wasn’t enough to get to the big platforms.

Despite these difficulties, I continued to push my music 24/7 through the DJ nights and shows I use to play in Palermo. Thank God in 2017 my manager, Mr. Kenneth decided to take me, my music and Myzic Empire to another level. The same year 2017 I released my first single recorded in a professional studio with a music video which revived everything. The single was titled ‘Higher’.

In 2018, I launched an EP titled ‘’Genesis’’. With that EP, the whole Team Myzic Empire and myself went on tour in Ghana for some works and radio tour. In Ghana we managed to connect to some artists and people in the industry where we did some jobs and many other things. In 2019 on our return to Italy, though, we stopped releasing due to studies and some other things, I always continued to work hard for my music and on many other projects that soon the world will witness.

In 2020, I released some freestyles whiles planning on releasing my new projects, all of a sudden Coronavirus shut the world down. The pandemic got me paused, but at the same time got me work harder on many other projects at home. During the pandemic, I was at home with a Ghanaian producer called, Almighty Streetbeatz whom was in my city at that time we worked and created a lot of good music for the world.
This is a little about me and Myzic Empire.

9 years is a long time to be doing music. Any experiences or advice you’d like to share?
Absolutely, yes 9 years is a long time, but as I said in my previous answer the main reason was because, I did not have enough support at that time and I think everything has it’s time and God was still preparing me for the world. My little advice to all my fellow young artist is, do look down on yourself, give you your talent a chance to work though you, be humble and respectful.

Is there any other artist in the diaspora you’re keen on working with soon apart from Kelyvn Boy?

Yes, I would like to collaborate with all the possible artists with whom I can. I’m opened and ready to work with any artist so we can explore the Afro music in Italy, Europe and the globe.

How receptive have Italians been of your music and Afrobeat in general? Enlighten us.

Doing Afro songs in Italy was very difficult back then. The majority of the population of Italians was ignorant about our culture, the rhythm of the Afro songs sounded very wired to their hearing because of the language barrier. Now thank God things are changing, new things are being learnt and the Italians are ready to accept the Afro music in so many ways, that’s why my team and I thought of strategizing the ways of productions by mixing multiple tongues to also make it favorable for everyone to understand my communications with them through my music.

I can gladly say I’m welcomed everywhere I go in Italy especially in my city (Palermo) where this adventure of mine started. The new generation have accepted and embrace Afro music, thanks to our hard work now you can hear Afro music playing in Italian clubs, parties, restaurants, bars, shopping malls etc. I’m so grateful for this day.

We doubt learning Italian was a walk in the park, especially coming from an Anglophone and Asante background. Gist us.

Hehehe :). Oh, frankly speaking, Italian language one of the most beautiful, sexiest and jovial languages I’ve ever known on earth, though it’s difficult to learn, I love and I’m very proud of myself that I can speak, read and write this language. The importance is knowing how to eat and dress Italian will bring your back from the park into an Italian classroom, hahahahahahaa.

Now, the moment everyone’s been waiting for. Mind free styling in Italian for us?

Sputo fuoco come un drago Sono cercato come un ladro Non mi prendi fossi mato Nella moto vado vrom
Con gli amici vroom vroom

Sono il nero siciliano
Suona strano, molto strano Sono il nero siciliano (huh)

Ho visto la morte lo visto sul ponte
Mi ha reso forte c’è scritto sulla fronte

Divina commedia e stato come Dante Non parlo tanto tu sai chi hai di fronte

Haha. That’s a mouthful. Any big plans before 2021 ends? What moves are you making and how can fans keep tabs you?

Yes, I have many projects in progress. I am working on some projects which will be released soon. This one with Kelvyn Boy is one of the first but after that we will fly with lots of other works. Though I still have a long way to go, this does not disempower me because my mind is made up to do good music and my new projects are something new in Italy, Africa and it will be new in the whole universe soon so I invite all my fans and everyone to supporter and fasten their belts, we are about to start.

Listen to Shadowboy Myzic’s new single ‘Better’ featuring Kelvyn Boy here: and watch the video below.

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INTERVIEW: Dove Nicol opens up on her adventure so far, debut single and more



Dove Nicol, a new and probably the most exciting artist to grace the Ghanaian music scene is confident in winning fans over with her debut single ‘Calm Down’. She’s dedicated to becoming one of Ghana’s most streamed artists and with a voice as authentic as hers, the songbird is all set.

Dove Nicol’s rise from Sierra Leone to Ghana is a unique adventure worthwhile and in this exclusive interview, we take time to explore her very lively character as she updates us on the adventure so far and her debut single, among other gists.


Hello Dove and welcome. It’s great to have you around. Like every music fan out there, I’m quite curious. Who is Dove Nicol? Blow our mind.

Dove Nicol is a creative, a pioneer who believes in the power of the African sound, music, culture, heritage and its influence in the world stage. I believe Africa is on the rise and we are living in the era of the African creative industries global domination and worldwide takeover and as a creative blessed by God with the talent of music, I am merely just playing my own part in the fulfillment of this reality.

You’re finally out with your debut single ‘Calm Down’, mind sharing the story behind it?

‘Calm Down’ is a song about love and relationships. The idea behind it places focus on the internal struggles we go through as lovers. It places focus on two sides of a spectrum. On the one hand, you hear the willingness of both partners wanting to love each other and be loved. And on the other, the anxiety and uneasiness that comes with the feelings of mistrust and insecurities that they have both experienced from past relationships which overshadows their ability to fully love and fall in love with each other. The chorus then comes in to serve as a stress reliever telling both parties to calm down, just be at peace and fall into love with each other. The song generally gives a soothing peaceful feeling to the ear.

It seems you were destined to have a career in music growing up. How is it going and what has your greatest challenge since taking it head on been?

Yes, I do believe I was meant for music and it has been the source of my livelihood since I was a child. If I’m been honest, I have received several challenges along the way to getting here. The biggest challenge I believe is getting others to believe in your dreams as much as you do. I can see the vision of where I want to go and who I can become but because I do not have the resources or avenue to get people to see that possibility, it’s hard and sometimes almost impossible to get others to believe in that dream too.

Alot of people only want to be a part of your success, when you have achieved it but are not willing to help you get there. The journey can really be a great struggle for a lot of aspiring artists who have the talent for it but no external backing to let their voices be heard. For me, I was only able to defeat this challenge through perseverance, the Grace of God and my belief in myself to continue going-on no matter the odds.

Are there any Ghanaian artists you admire and hope to work with sometime soon?

There are a lot of Ghanaian artists out there that have really helped shape the future of Ghanaian music and their relentlessness and tireless efforts have paved the way for emerging artists like me to go after our goals. People like Efya, Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Kofi Antwi, Bibie Brew, Wiyalaa, Kwesi Arthur, King Promise and many many more talented souls I will definitely see myself working with during the course of my journey in the industry.

Beyond the world of music, where else does your passion lie?

Beyond music I have always aspired to become a philanthropist and a humanitarian. I want to create charitable organizations and help children that are less privileged to achieve a better future. Africa has the largest youth population and majority of them are multi-talented in areas they themselves are not even aware of. If only we had more institutions that can cater to the needs of less privileged children and our youths growing up, our economy will flourish immensely.

What is a day in your life is like?

A day in the life of Dove is typical – wakeup, pray, shower, eat and eat a lot, do my daily routines, some reading, attend to any business calls or meetings I may have during the course of the day and make time to speak with family before the end of the day. Oh, and go to the gym at least 4 times a week to keep fit.

There’s still a lot of ground to cover in 2021. What are your plans? Should fans expect more?

Yes, definitely. Expect a lot from Dove in 2021 but expect a lot more from Dove in 2022. I want my supporters to know that I’m ready and prepared. ‘Calm Down’ was just the ice breaker. I have a ton of creative content ready to flood the market. It’s just a matter of timing. But in due time they shall receive all that I have to offer and will get to know more and more about me as my story unfolds.

I can’t wait to meet the world and for the world to meet Dove. It’s going to be a productive year definitely.


Dove Nicol’s ‘Calm Down’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:


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WATCH: How Ghanaian drummer, Abass Dodoo became a regular choice for the British Royal Family



Abass Dodoo became a regular choice for the British Royal Family

UK-based Abass Dodoo is professional Ghanaian musician, performer and music teacher, whose skills earned him several opportunities to perform for the British Royal Family. (more…)

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