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African skincare experts, SkynergyMD debuts product range in Accra, February 16



SkynergyMD is a line of skincare products that caters to a wide range of skin concerns, from maintenance of youthful skin through acne and pigmentation or blotchy skin to anti-aging, all with the goal of having healthy skin while aging.

The three founding medical doctors Dr. Yvette Appiah, Dr. Oge Onwudiwe and Dr. Neh Onumah, have collectively known or worked with each for over 7 years. However, it was only during a casual discussion about 4 years ago that they realized they had a joint interest in starting a skincare line in Africa. In a split second pivot, they went to work on it together and SkynergyMD was born.


Dr. Yvette Appiah and Dr. Oge Onwudiwe

I caught up with Dr. Yvette Appiah and Dr. Oge Onwudiwe at the Inova Healthplex building in Alexandria, Virginia, where they both practice at AllPhases Dermatology LLC, to talk about the uniqueness of SkynergyMD and it’s offering.

“We are three dynamic women, who have been practicing dermatology for a combined total of at least 30 years, so we are well versed in the best care for the skin. We know what works for the population that we are targeting not only because we the same type of skin but also because we do this day in and day out. We know what works. On a daily basis, people come in and point out that the goal is for their skin to look like ours – smooth, unblemished, even-toned. So we lend a certain unique perspective to skincare that most people, even most doctors, do not have”, highlighted Dr. Appiah.


She added, “Secondly we specifically intended to use ingredients that are sourced from the African continent. We use the general fruits and vegetables that we have on the continent, which have a wide variety of benefits including containing ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin B, Alpha hydroxy acids and more. We know what works in what combination; there is synergistic blend of these ingredients, in the right proportions, that is beneficial for anti-ageing, treating acne, resolving pigmentation problems and preventing sun damage.”

The yet to go on the market SkynergyMD product range, pre-launched in December 2017 in Accra, Ghana, includes Rooberry Balancing Primer (contains blue berry, cranberry, raspberry, rooibos tea), Honeycomb Gentle Cleanser (contains honey, coconut and papaya), Ocean Mist Toner (contains spirulina, a blue-green algae, which is very calming, soothing and has healing and antibacterial benefits, as well as beneficial for anti-aging), the Blaq Hydra Moisture-Restoring Cleanser (a variant of black soap with eggplant, black currants, blackberries), eLume Moisturizer with tamarind (African velvet) and turmeric the Envy Resurfacing Pumpkin hydroxy serum and interestingly the Optima Youth Recovery serum that works overnight (contains snail extract, gold, marine collagen) SkynergyMD1According to Dr. Oge Onwudiwe, the SkynergyMD product line has something for everybody. “We have something for the younger people who just want to maintain their skin and keep it free of wrinkles or sagging. If somebody has acne we have something for him or her to help fight it. We also have something for the mature women who wants to improve their skin or reverse the signs of aging. We purposely ensured that all skin types whether oily, dry, sensitiv or normal skin were considered.” “And for men specifically, we developed a line that would fit their no-fuss regimen; just wash with a cleanser and a add protective moisturizer. The men line does include an aftershave primer, Gin Tonic, and the Essential Brew both formulated to prevent razor bumps and acne but also double in keeping aging at bay”, Dr Appiah added. SkynergyMD2The first SkynergyMD store will open in Accra on February 16 and shortly after be available online. Dr. Appiah attended the famed University of Chicago’s distinguished Pritzker school of Medicine, where she was involved in research at the forefront of medical innovation in the University of Chicago Medical Center’s Department of Dermatology.

This led to her gaining acceptance into the highly competitive and top-rated dermatology residency training program at the prestigious Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania, where she was selected to co-author the Skin Mantifestations of HIV chapter in a published textbook on HIV.

She is the founder, an owner and lead dermatologist in a team of 4 dermatologists at AllPhases Dermatology, LLC in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. Dr. Appiah has been in private practice for the last 16 years. She currently serves as the Vice President of the Ghana Physicians & Surgeons, DMV chapter in Washington, DC. Dr. Onumah graduated from Temple University Medical School and completed an internal medicine residency at the esteemed Yale New Haven Health Systems. Prior to this, she conducted research under the auspices and tutelage of one of the pioneers and leaders of the field of dermatology, Dr. Albert Kligman.

She then completed a basic science research fellowship at the prestigious Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania and a clinical reasearch fellowship at the acclaimed Columbia University’s Presbyterian Hospital, both in dermatology. Following that was her dermatology residency training at McGill University Health Center in Montreal, Canada. Currently, Dr. Onumah is founder and medical director of Skin of All Color Dermatology, LLC, a private practice near Princeton, New Jersey.


Dr. Onwudiwe attended Howard University College of Medicine where she graduated top ten in her class and was inducted into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha National Honor Medical Society. She completed her dermatology residency training at Howard University Hospital where she served as Chief Resident. She subsequently completed a world-renowned fellowship training in Lasers and Cosmetics at Harvard University’s premier Massachusetts General Hospital.

She has been a faculty member there since 2014. She is a regularly invited guest lecturer at academic meetings both nationally and internationally and currently conducts cutting-edge clinical research in the field. Dr. Onwudiwe has worked in private practice at AllPhases Dermatology, LLC with Dr. Appiah for the last 7 years

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