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12 Best Types of Watches



The type of watch you wear is the best way to showcase your personality. It conveys your taste, humor, and wealth. Choosing the right watch for you can be overwhelming because there are a lot of factors you need to consider.

It is even better if you own multiple types of watches to make sure that you always have a watch appropriate for any event. In this article, we have compiled the 12 best styles of watches you can add to your collection. So keep on reading to know more!

#1 Luxury Watches

The first ones on our list are luxury watches which are excellent for watch connoisseurs or collectors and those who appreciate handcrafted watch complications. These high-end watches are designed with expensive materials such as precious metals and gemstones.

#2 Smart Watches

Smartwatches are portable computers that you can wear as traditional watches. Modern smartwatches have a touchscreen interface and like smartphones, they include support apps. You can use them to record vital signs such as your heart rate.


#3 Field Watches

A field watch is a simple military watch that was originally called “trench watch”. They are waterproof and dustproof and usually have stainless steel cases. Their straps are normally made of leather for a tighter grip to avoid losing your watch when you are on the battlefield. Field watches add or remove a maximum of 30 seconds per day.

#4 Pilot Watches

Pilot watches, also called aviator watches, are specially designed to meet the demanding needs of aircraft pilots. These timepieces have an impeccable accuracy that pilots need to calculate fuel burned, distance traveled, and time elapsed.

#5 Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches use a clockwork system to measure time. Instead of batteries, they use mainsprings that you need to wind by hand from time to time to keep the watch working. They have intricate craftsmanship that some enthusiasts consider as art. If you need supplies for winding your mechanical watch, you can check out Sofly’s watch parts supplies.

#6 Quartz Watches

Quartz watches are powered by electronic oscillators that are synchronized by a quartz crystal. This oscillator creates a highly precise signal frequency which allows quartz watches to give you the most accurate time among all watch types. Quartz watches use batteries as their primary power sources which you need to replace regularly.


#7 Dress Watches

These watches have the most minimalistic designs among all types of watches. Their sole purpose is to tell you time and do not have any watch complications. Their simplicity is what makes them elegant. We do not recommend pairing them with your jeans and t-shirt or using them when doing some exercises. They are for formal, semi-formal, or business casual outfits like your business suits.

#8 Diving Watches

Diving watches, also called dive or diver’s watches, are designed for use in underwater diving. They can withstand a minimum of 100-meter water resistance. A typical dive watch can have up to 300-meter water resistance but some modern watches can go deeper. You can also use dive watches to track your time underwater and the amount of air in your tank as well as calculate decompression stops.

#9 Chronograph Watches

Aside from displaying time, you can use chronograph watches as stopwatches. They are designed with a button on their side which you can press to start, stop, and reset the timer to zero. These watches are perfect for timing events, races, and others.

#10 Digital Watches

Digital watches use numerical digits to indicate the hours and minutes (sometimes including the seconds) instead of using hands. In short, they do not have a clock face or a dial.


#11 Automatic Watches

Automatic watches are timepieces that continue to operate through your wrist’s regular motion while you are wearing them. They are also called self-winding watches because you do not need to wind them up if you are wearing them every day.


The watch stores the energy from your wrist’s movement using a rotor that spins every time you move your arm. Analog timepieces use this energy to keep your watch ticking up to 48 hours even if you are not wearing it. 

#12 Analog Watches

An analog watch has a miniature face display in a 12-hour format with the hour and minute hands. But, there are also analog watches that include a second hand. They can either have Roman numerals or traditional numbers. Most of them include marks that represent each minute in one hour.



Each type of watch has its own purpose. You will always find a watch that is suitable for any kind of activity or event. There are appropriate watches for physical activities, dressy occasions, formal events, and others. If you own multiple watches, better get a good watch cabinet or case to keep them organized. We hope that our list was able to help you find your ideal timepiece.

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