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Watch: I’m not here to win “Artist of the Year,” I’m an artiste forever-Wiyaala goes off on entertainment pundits who said she doesn’t “count”



Internationally recognised singer, Wiyaala has expressed her anger towards some entertainment pundits who think she doesn’t count in the Ghanaian music industry. 

The “Lioness of Africa,” in a video posted on her social media pages today, went on a first time ever rant to express her displeasure at entertainment pundits, KMJ and Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, who during their discussions, stated that Wiyaala doesn’t belong to the Ghanaian music industry because her focus is on the international market.

“This message is going to industry players especially those who do the blogging and criticising and whatever. Please, KMJ, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo and whatever…..If I don’t really count in this industry and I have never been counted as part of this industry, then don’t discuss me when you are talking about showbiz in Ghana,” she said in the video.

“You can’t always mention my name and turn around and say oh shout out to Wiyaala but she doesn’t really count because she and her manager are just concentrating abroad doing international stuff. Why won’t I concentrate there?” she quizzed.


According to Wiyaala, the fact that she won’t go the extra mile to do all manner of things to trend and win awards like some popular musicians in Ghana do doesn’t make her an “idiot.”

“And then the music industry is dead because Kaakie and Ebony and MzVee all of a sudden are no longer doing music. You can always call them back can’t you? Since the rest of us you think are not controversial enough, we are showing skin enough, we are not insulting each other enough,. we are not attacking each other enough, so that you can get something to write. And then you can take me to the slaughter house divide me into pieces, say all manner of things about me…You think some of us are idiots? We should come and fool because we want to win artist of the year and then what next? what do we get from that?” she quizzed.

The singer who believes that her greatest award lies in her hometown of Funsi added that artists who write “foolish” songs to get attention and win awards are actually fooling themselves.

“In Ghana there are no royalties, we don’t get anything. so some of us might not be the most intelligent but we do have brains to understand that when you do foolish songs just because you want to get attention and win a few awards, you are actually fooling yourself. Or when you try to get involved in this kid of industry, that it doesn’t really make sense. That’s why some people come in and when they realise what is going on, they back off and just keep quite,” she added.


Wiyaala went on to give a word of caution to industry players who still believe she has not “arrived.”

“And those of you trying to make Wiyaala feel like she hasn’t  arrived until I win maybe Artist of the year or win more awards. Please, I am not here to win Artist of the year because I am not an artist of the year kid of musician, I am an artist forever and ever, even when I’m dead, you will still hear my music in your grave. I don’t know your problem but if I don’t really count. stop mentioning my name when you are discussing your showbiz things. Keep me out. I’m all about posisitivity,” she concluded.

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