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Fashion Spotlight: Elimes Outfit presents Suave MAN Collection



What Inspired you to make Suave MAN Collection?

The intention was to make a statement, to set in motion a challenge to all men out there. Just as what we hear could influence us and the society at large; we believe that what we wear equally influences us. A lot is happening in the world now, Covid-19 has affected the plans and projections of many, especially business men but failure in our plans and projections, is not failure in who we are.

The Collection title was chosen to reinforce who a man should be (Suave) confident, charming and outstanding irrespective of the obstacles or challenges. The Suave Men Collection was designed to portray the abstract characteristics of a man with a vision, the man on a mission and a man in motion. This is evident in the careful yet intentional detail on every piece.

A Suave Man is courageous, dynamic and stylish. We expect men not to give up but to have a change in perspective and approach. To welcome newness because it’s the beginning of greatness.


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