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Foldable, wearable and lovable shoes… Love Ankara



A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a fabulous pair of SHOES. In Africa, cloth, Ntuma, ankara is a way of life. Our fabrics provide and support livelihoods. Our fabrics speak, nurture and tell stories. Our brand is a retail, and fashion brand that promotes authentic African Prints, empowers women and seeks to preserve our local textile industry. Our shoes and fashion our worn by people who aren’t afraid to be authentic and true to who they are.

Our shoes and accessories showcase our unique heritage. This is what makes us quintessentially African. It is with this colorful,3 creative, and authentic, and irrepressible spirit that we launched the all new collection of foldable, hand and machine washable, ankara ballerinas.

One of the unique things about our shoes is the fact that they are FOLDABLE. Because of this they easily fit into your small clutch, purse or makeup bag. This makes it convenient to carry along with you wherever your dreams take you.🎈

We use 100% recycled paper in manufacturing all our cute shoe boxes.

The boxes are perfect when you purchase our shoes as gifts to family, and friends and loved ones.

The shoes retail at GHC 120
Delivery available nationwide at a fee.
We ship worldwide by EMS!🛳️
To order Whatsapp 0244746597 to order now.
For wholesale and other enquiries, email shop@loveankara.stor


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