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EXCLUSIVE: Jacqueline Acquaye and Bliss Kingg to host new show on GHOne TV



Jacqueline Acquaye and Bliss Dumashie other wise known as Bliss Kingg in showbiz, upon resigning from Metro TV some three weeks ago, are said to host a new show on GHOne TV.

The power duo who have excited their viewers and fans for about two years now on Metro TV will be hosting a mid morning lifestyle magazine that will focus on a cocktail of genres including Health and Wellness, Fashion, Technology, Cooking et al.

According to a very trusted source close to the two talents, though they have denied a move to any TV/Radio station, it is expected that the two will be on GHOne by September.

In a video interview on Ameyaw TV, prior to this article, Jackie and Bliss also denied that they had been sacked because of their little issues with the dancehall sensation, Shatta Wale. Jackie categorically intimated that she officially tendered her resignation to the management of Metro TV some two weeks before the Shatta Wale incident and added that, they had no intention to disrespect Shatta Wale and in fact, challenged the public to look for the original video of the full episode with their discussion on Beyonce’s project.

The two pointed out that, the video that got Shatta Wale angry seemed to have been re-edited to suit whatever purpose for which whoever wanted to achieve. ‘It was about an hour of discussion and the only time Shatta came in was when Bliss said a video with Beyoncé will help Shatta and I added that, the video will even help Beyoncé herself too.’ Jackie added. ‘Of course someone just cut that short clip to sound as if we were against Shatta Wale but that wasn’t it.’

We are expecting to have the power duo on TV this September to excite us as they have always done.

Congratulations to Jackie and Bliss on their new show, though they have denied any move yet.