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Every meal has a story…say hello to Dishrack, culinary innovations from Ghana



It has been an amazing 5-month journey, which culminated in a very exciting and positively overwhelming launch week for project Dishrack.


Ghanaian social media, mostly the Twittersphere, welcomed Dishrack with open hands, hearts and bellies!

Retweets, likes, comments, shares admiration and orders poured in within an hour of launch. We were so overwhelmed with orders, we had to close orders at 3pm for the first day!


Dishrack is a new culinary innovations start up in the Ghanaian market. A meal kit service that brings you a box of all the ingredients you’ll need for a meal, complete with instructions on how to make that meal from scratch with a prime aim of helping you make memories with the people you love hence the brand’s strapline, from your hands to their hearts.

Dishrack’s model is to continue to deliver fresh ingredients with every single order and so, we work with local farmers and partners to source all ingredients.


Dishrack currently has three kits: fried rice with chicken, beef stir-fry with pasta and sweet potatoes with chicken wings.


I am so grateful for my entire team who has been nothing short of amazing, from inception to kicking this off.  To the media agencies, our partner vendors, regulators who’ve been with us through the entire process, and our customers, we say thank you.


Our launch week has been a success and we know our success is dependent on delivering on our promise with each box, and we are devoted to doing just that, so help us God.

Do follow Dishrack on Twitter @dishrackgh, Instagram @dishrack, tell someone about us, and support us in any ways possible!



Join us on the tasty side as we set out on an ultimate mission to impact lives and creates jobs for Ghanaians especially in Agriculture.