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Medikal explains why he named his daughter “Island”



Over the weekend, rapper Medikal shared with the world a photo of his new born baby.

The name of the baby, “Island Frimpong,” however, caught the interest of many and fans have been eager to know the reason behind his choice of name.

Speaking in an interview with YFM, the “Odo” rapper stated;

“I named my daughter Island because I feel my baby is special and an Island is a land in the middle of water and I feel she came from a different space so I chose to give her that beautiful name ‘Island’.”

Medikal, who has an upcoming EP titled “Island” further explained that the name of the EP was inspired by her daughter.

“The Island EP was because of my baby. We named my baby before she even came out. So, she is the person who inspired the ‘EP’ Island. So, she is the reason why I put out the album EP. The EP is not the reason why I named my baby ‘Island’” he added.