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I was motivated to become an actor because of kissing scenes- James Gardiner



Ghanaian actor James Gardiner has revealed that he was motivated to go into acting because of “kissing scenes.”

According to him, he was asked to kiss a lady at his first audition and right then, he told himself this was something he wanted to do as a profession.

“I met a fine half-caste lady at the audition and during the audition, I was made to understand that I had to play a romance scene. So I asked the director, do I have to kiss her, and he said yes,” James said in an interview on “Atuu” with Abeiku Santana.

He added; “Suddenly I told myself that I have to get on board because I’m going to have the opportunity to kiss women. Right there I told myself that, I would be a fool if I don’t do this job.”