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Any Ghanaian youth that votes for a former president has a problem – Prince David Osei



Actor Prince David Osei, who has openly endorsed the NPP and declared his support for them, has advocated that no Ghanaian youth votes for Former president John Dramani Mahama in this year’s election.

The said actor is known to have mounted many NPP platforms to campaign for them. Recently, he made a derogatory statement that he is wise to not follow the opposition NDC. People attacked him for making such statement.

Prince had earlier said that NDC’s presidential candidate John Dramani Mahama’s name on the election ticket is an insult to Ghanaians, looking that this is a stateman who has been president before.

Notwithstanding, Ghana’s constitution allows an individual to be president at most for two terms (8 years). Former President Mahama had only been president for a term where he was unfortunate to have been voted out of office by the Ghanaian electorates in the 2016 presidential election. Thus, his eligibility to seek another term at the presidency.


Prince has made a public statement again on his Instagram page, which some may deem derogatory, where he advocates that no youth votes for the former president in this year’s election, which is set to happen on Monday 7th December, and if they do so, they have a problem.

“If you are a youth and you vote for JM a former president, who sold the resources of Ghana to his brothers, then you have a problem! Vote for one who cares about your future, education and welfare! Nana Akuffo Addo #1#4more4nana,” he wrote.

Prince is yet to prove the resources the former president sold to his brothers.

See his statement below: