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Watch: Cardi B won’t allow her daughter listen to her explicit “WAP” song



Cardi B, the mother of one, is doing all she can to prevent her two-year-old daughter (Kulture) from listening to her hit single “WAP”.

During a recent Instagram Live where Cardi is seen listening and dancing to her hit song “WAP”, her daughter Kulture, dancing and jumping, bumped in on her unexpectedly, and she (Cardi) quickly stopped the music from playing.

“No no no,” Cardi said as she quickly turns off the music which was playing, when she realized her daughter was coming her direction.


In the past, some fans on twitter accused the rapper of being a “bad role model”. And in a series of tweets from her, one read; “All I can do now is be a better me for myself my family and my future.” This was in March 2019.



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