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I’m yet to see an entertainment show with 2 hosts that nailed it like Jeremie and I- Jay Foley



Over the past decade for two, Ghanaians fell in love with two entertainment show hosts, Jay Foley and Jeremie Van-Garshong.

The two had a chemistry so strong that translated to their work and fans loved them for that.

From being cohosts on 4syte TV being cohosts to each other on Live Fm’s Breakfast Club show, they are forever in the hearts of entertainment lovers.

While the two have gone their separate ways with Jay Foley now hosting a TV show on Joy Prime and Jeremie doing her own thing, their void is yet to be filled–and Jay Foley wants Ghanaians to know.

In a Facebook post a while ago, Jay Foley stated that without any doubt, she and Jeremie contributed immensely to the arts.

“We contributed our bit to the arts. We hosted, interviewed and entertained almost entertainment industry influencer. We were Jay Foley and Jeremie,” he wrote.

Jay however, added that he believes their void is yet to be filled as no entertainment show with 2 hosts has lived up to them.

“Till date, I’m yet to see an entertainment show with 2 hosts that nailed it like us. Jeremie, like I always say, be proud of who you are,” he added.

See screenshot of his post below:


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