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Sonnie Badu to write 24 books this year, reveals the initial plan was to write 12



Lead Pastor of the RockHill Church, Sonnie Badu has revealed that he intends to write twenty-four books this year.

According to him, the initial plan was to write 12 books, however, he changed his mind and will be publishing 24 of them.

Sonnie Badu revealed this while speaking on the major backlash he has received on social media following the announcement of his three new degrees which were awarded to him in the space of four months.

“Those who understand it better, they get it better. The reason why I am where I am and achieved so much and I say this with a lot of pride because I have worked very hard. Still working very hard, still writing, this year I am to write 12 books but I changed any mind to make it twenty-four books so still building is because its very important that in life we learn from those who have gone ahead of us in life,” Sonnie is heard saying in the video.

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