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Watch: Cheating is part of marriage- Empress Gifty



Although the Bible stipulates that every human being is entitled to one partner and prohibits married people to have extra-marital affairs, Gospel Singer Empress Gifty believes cheating is a part of the marriage institution.

According to the award-winning singer, it important for married couples to see their partners are humans who can falter at any point in time.

She believes that although cheating is wrong, it is manageable when married couples accept that it is a possibility and can happen to them. Empress believes that acceptance helps couples stay sane when they find out their partners are cheating.

“If you are a married man or a married woman, cheating is part of marriage. If you don’t come to terms with it, when it happens to you, you can go mad. Don’t see your partner as Holy Ghost or the Virgin Mary, look at them as human and accept that they can falter at any time,” she told Nana Romeo Welewele in a recent interview on Accra FM.

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