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It was to make ends meet in the beginning, but I found God- Joe Mettle on his gospel music journey




Although some Gospel Musicians say they entered into the business to minister the word of God, Joe Mettle is being candid about why he took up singing.

In a recent interview with Comfort Ocran on the Springboard Hangout Show which airs on eTV, the award-winning Gospel singer revealed that he started doing music to support himself financially. However, he found God along the way and decided to use his voice for more.

“In the beginning, it was just to make ends meet but I found something; in addition to all the education, I was trying to pursue so I was going to go in for it until I had an encounter with God where it was like there was more to what He had given me than what I was using it for”, he said.

He added that after his encounter with God, he decided to pursue his calling and through that, he was blessed with resources.




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