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Would you vote for him? Michael Blackson to run for President of Ghana



Ghanaian-American based Comedian and Actor, Michael Blackson has expressed his interest to run for President of Ghana in the next four years.

The Comedian, who has been actively participating in the call for African leaders to do right by their people, has stated that his love for Ghanaians is pushing him to run for President.

“I’m going to clean up my act and run for president of Ghana in 4 yrs. No joke I’m too passionate about my people. Who will vote for me? Let me know now so I won’t waste my time” he tweeted on Saturday.

Michael Blackson has made frequent visits to Ghana in the last two years. On October 9, 2020, the Comedian announced that he was building a school for the kids in his hometown.

“Next September you’ll have a school,” he said to the children in the short clip that was shared on his Instagram. “You’re actually standing in your classroom right now. School is coming very soon. Uncle promises you. School is on its way.” The camera then showed the construction site where the school is being built.

See his tweet below;



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