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VGMA22: What not to wear to the 2021 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards



With the heavy downpour in Accra ahead of the 22nd Ghana Music Awards, I am not sure yet if there would even be a red carpet to warm up to Day 2 of the biggest weekend in Ghanaian music.

Regardless of that uncertainty, Ghana’s A-listers are expected to step out in style on the night. I have put together what I don’t want to see at the ceremony this year, especially considering that parts of the capital city are flooded! Laugh out Loud as we bring you some of our most unforgettable dress choices throughout the years!


It’s a night for stars but don’t come out in your space suit

At the 2012 Vodaone Ghana Music Awards, I nicknamed this woman the ‘wonder woman’. She had people asking who she was during the award ceremony. Whoever she maybe, nothing can quite explain her outlandish dress on the night. From the long gloves and stockings to her red tie and red goggles, nothing worked for this ‘sexy mama’ apart from getting us to wonder who she is.

Dont rush the venue and leave part of your dress at home 

Still at the 2012 VGMA… Sala looked ghastly and uncomfortable in what could be best described as rags. Her absolutely ridiculous black dress looked unfinished and confusing. She looked like she just cut out some cheap  fabric to wrap around her waist and boobs. And what was with the wrap around her neck? A complete travesty of justice to her  sexy body.

Don’t go looking for your cheating boyfriend at the VGMAs..pow pow!

Another person who had it completely wrong in 2012 was the foxy former radio and TV presenter, simply known as Dede.  She looked like a confused rock star performing in a cheap bar in Las Vegas. Although her white micro shorts and jackets looked like too little clothing, Dede still managed to appear overdressed with her outrageously huge earrings, rings, watch and bracelets. Clearly she wasn’t going for glam!

It’s a bird..its a butterfly…its…

Oh..and how can I forget  Nadjat’s ridiculousness outfit in 2012? Or was it a costume? I say costume because it looked like something from a children’s play,  representing a butterfly. Nadjat hinted on the red carpet that apart from her music, she is also into making clothes; and guess who made her dress!

Wrong memo…it’s not a pyjama party

It has  been several years and I still haven’t been able to remove this image out of my mind…WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?

 Some dress concepts are best left on the sketchpad!

The 2015 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards certainly had a limited amount of bad dressing but Ghanaian international model, Belinda Baidoo took the biscuit with this crazy ensemble.  She wore a ‘raggy’ African print top over a polythene bag-looking leather skirt; and accessorized it with with a colourful pair of sneakers, a black cap and a kente clutch bag. She simply looked like a recycled product…colourful mess! Let me now leave you with images from the most recent VGMA, 2016 VGMA!!!

No wedding dresses….

With all the talks around accepting or not accepting the LGBT community in Ghana this year, seeing two men walking on the red carpet in wedding dresses would surely leave tongues wagging. But do we want to see it? I have a feeling the answer is a big no! In 2019, Colombian rapper MC Dementor and his longtime collaborator,  DJ Decordha decided to rock the VGMA red carpet in wedding dresses!

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