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I no longer sleep in the same room with my son- Akuapem Poloo



After suffering  public criticism and going to jail for posing nude with her son on his birthday, Rosemond Brown, a.k.a Akuapem Poloo has learnt her lessons.

According to the actress and video vixen, going to jail taught her a big lesson and reminded her of the petty things that could send her back to jail.

In the spirit of knowing better now, Akuapem Poloo is desisting from engaging with her son in certain forms of intimacy, including sharing the same bed with him.

“I don’t sleep in a room again with my son. Earlier, I used to sleep on the same bed with him and even bath with him but now, I have arranged the visiting room for him so that he can sleep there alone and prevent us from seeing each other’s nakedness,” she revealed. 


“I have learnt a lot of lessons because initially, I didn’t know that some things could lead me into trouble; I have learnt to even forgive when someone steps on my toes. I can see that we are now in a modern world and a lot of things have changed and so I say that I’m glad it happened because I wouldn’t have known all that I’m doing isn’t right,” she added. 

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