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26 Years of Stratcomm Africa Amidst COVID-19 – Perseverance, Resilience and Positivity



COVID-19 has really over-whelmed the whole world. It has brought normal life to a halt for most of us. It has got us all seeking to stand together to be rid of the invisible virus – our common enemy! Yet, whilst we need to work together, we are having to distance ourselves physically from each other!! All over the world, borders are closed, human movements are being restricted to prevent the spread of the virus. Even among families, some find themselves quarantined, sometimes within the same home.

We all need to persevere in our determination to prevent the spread of the virus and to treat those infected to get them back to health as well as restore vibrant socio-economic lives to us. We cannot give up. We need to be positive and resilient in the face of this adversity. The commitment of healthcare workers throughout the world has been amazing and should encourage us all. Such human traits are worth celebrating and communicating. Also worth appreciating are those through whose dire experiences of being infected very important scientific information is being gathered for fighting the virus. Let’s embrace those who have recovered from COVID -19 in love, without any stigma! We cherish the memories of the lives that have been claimed through this pandemic and mourn with those who have lost loved ones.

Amidst social distancing, we stay connected through communication. This shows how vital communication is for human existence no matter the situation. So we see technological innovation and deployment being driven by this fundamental human need -to communicate, to engage, to stand together in times like these. Communication is crossing closed borders, defying lock down and quarantine to touch people throughout the world in uplifting ways. Communication enables us stand together, whether as families, communities, businesses, countries or the global community. It has become even more vital to ensure effective and excellent communication that helps promote safe and healthy behaviours, perseverance, resilience and positivity as the world combats the pandemic.

Perseverance, resilience and positivity, as well as communication excellence, have been part of the Stratcomm Africa story. It is really sobering for us to be commemorating our 26th anniversary in the midst of COVID-19.


We encourage all of us to remain resilient and persevere in fighting the pandemic. Let us stand together to overcome.

Esther A.N. Cobbah
Chief Executive Officer
Strategic Communications Africa (Stratcomm Africa) Ltd.

Fellow, Institute of Public Relations Ghana
Board Member, International Public Relations Association
Council Member, Advertising Association of Ghana




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