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2face Idibia saves the life of a Nigerian Police Officer



According to reports, a Nigerian Police Officer may have died but for the timely intervention of Nigerian superstar 2face Idibia and his friend, Matthew Ohio.

According to Mathew Ohio he and 2face were on their way from a nightclub to Southern Sun, a hotel in Ikoyi at 3am in the morning, when they found the body of Corporal Ganiu on the road at Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. They had heard rumors before leaving the nightclub that gun shots were heard from Muri Okunola Street. Everyone was warned not to pass that way. However, Ohio and Tuface ignored the reports and embarked on their journey in 2face’s car, which Ohio drove.

When they saw the body, they contemplated the risks associated with stopping so late in Lagos and also the ruckus discovering a corpse could cause with the media and police. They both pushed the thoughts aside and stepped out to help the man.Upon inquiries from the victim, they learnt of how he had been shot barely 5 minutes ago and was separated from his colleagues. The Corporal had suffered 3 gunshot wounds in his hand, stomach and leg.

2face and Matthew immediately carried the bleeding Officer into the car and drove to Reddington Hospital on Idowu Martins, Victoria Island. The hospital staff were initially hesitant to accept the Officer, but Tuface’s recognizable presence helped facilitate the Officer’s admittance.

Since then the DPO of Maroko Police Station has expressed his gratitude to the duo for their help to the Police in their time of need. The Corporal’s health is reported to be stable. He has been transferred to an unconfirmed hospital by the Police Force.