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3 Best Waterproof Headlamps for Hiking and Camping



Imagine, when you are doing outdoor activities at night, when you have to deal with a lot of things with your hands or you need to deal with emergencies, is it very inconvenient to hold a light in one hand? Maybe at this time, you will think, What can free your hands and illuminate? That is the rechargeable head light, the headlamp, as the name suggests, the brightest spotlight headlamp worn on the head, and is the lighting tool that liberates hands. When you do different outdoor activities, you will choose different head flash lights according to your needs.

When you camp at night, you will choose the brightest spotlight headlamp with a long lighting time; when you walk at night, you will choose a super bright head strap light rechargeable with waterproof characteristics; the selection of headlamp and the use of head flashlight are very important equipment for wilderness survival, and the right choice of tools can make you easier to deal with in different environments. There are many types of rechargeable running headlamps, and according to different functions, we will have different choices. But for hiking and camping, the feature of waterproof headlamps is still very important.

So how do we distinguish the degree of waterproof? We can look for numbers from 0 to 9 after “IPX” in the product description. The closer it is to 9, the higher the waterproof rate. For example,

IPX0 means not waterproof at all.IPX4 means it blocks splashing water.IPX8 means it can be fully submerged in water. Here are three hokolite waterproof headlamps recommended for everyone.


  1. Xowl-Bright 1800 Lumens Flashlights And Headlamps

In our wilderness survival, sometimes a person’s backpack is limited, then you must choose a head flashlight with good material and lightweight, Xowl-Bright Height flash is constructed with sturdy aluminum alloy + ABS material, it has passed the impact test and can withstand harsh workplace conditions. It is detachable and used as a work light, and the light can be rotated 180 degrees to help you adapt to various angles of the outdoors, and the 1800-lumen high-definition output will not make you afraid of the dark at night. It has a built-in high-capacity battery, which is durable and helps you reduce the extra cost of the battery, and this high-power headlamp is IPX44 waterproof, which can help you resist the extreme weather outdoors, fluorescent light on the headlamp at night The ring will glow in the dark, letting you find him right away.

2.1000 Lumens LED Hunting Headlamp With Motion Sensor

If you want a headlamp that can help you hunt in the dark. Then I think this one is really great, this hunting headlamp has 7 light modes, including green and red, and has a motion sensor. Therefore, it is very suitable for this outdoor hunting mode. Because the red light has better penetrating power, it can be used for fishing, and it can also be used for mosquito repellent in summer, which can effectively protect the power in the dark, and the red light is often regarded as a distress signal, so the rescued in the wild more likely. Greenlight is the color light the human eye is most sensitive to. When using green light, it helps us focus on seeing things, such as when hunting deer, so a green headlamp can help you better catch the prey you want. Therefore, green light is very suitable for field observation of maps and archives. This headlamp is a perceptual mode, you don’t need to find the switch button in the dark to switch the mode, just wave your hand to switch the mode. Output lumens up to 1000 lumens, can be rotated 90 degrees to adjust the lighting angle, compact structure. Of course, it is waterproof and impact resistant. Can be carried anywhere without neck cramps. It is a good helper for your hunting.

3.1200 Lumens 210° Wide Beam COB Rechargeable Headlamp With Motion Sensor Grey

If you want to choose a headlamp for night running, this headlamp would be a good choice. First of all, it’s light and compact, and running with this headlamp makes you feel like it’s not there, but at the same time provides you with light, and it has motion sensors. This headlamp has 5 light modes, when you run at night with different brightness, you can choose different bright modes. Rechargeable LED Headlamps 1200Lumens 210°Wide Beam, provide you with a wider lighting field of view when running, and you don’t have to worry about tripping over obstacles. This headlamp is a magical grey, which might match your sportswear better. Finally, this headlamp is waterproof and won’t go out because of sudden rain while running. A good running headlamp should be relatively lightweight, waterproof, and have a wide lighting field of view. This headlamp can meet your requirements.


The brightest spotlight headlamp is essential when exploring the wilderness or hiking under the stars. The above three head flashlight are all waterproof and suitable for different usage scenarios. If you want to explore outdoors at night, then the first headlamp will be more suitable for you; if you want to use it for hunting, there is no doubt that the second headlamp is the best choice; if you simply want to use it for night running, then the third headlamp could be considered. Pack a waterproof headlamp and go on your outdoor adventure!For more information about headlights, please click here!

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