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3 Countries Where Ping Pong is The Main Sport



3 Countries Where Ping Pong is The Main Sport 3 Countries Where Ping Pong is The Main Sport[/caption] Whenever someone mentions ping pong to me, China comes to mind. Since the Beijing Olympics of 2008, China has emerged as a ‘proudly ping-pong’ nation which has only been quite evident even in later events and competitions. In fact, after winning all 6medals for both men and women for singles table tennis, the Olympic committee had to restructure some rules and hence limit each country to 2 players, instead of 3. You’ll be surprised to learn that 4years later, China still carried 2gold medals and 2silvers – an impressive and dominance score yet to be met by any other country in this impressivesport. This fete would only hold trueyears later in the recent 2016 Rio Olympics as we had China securing both gold medals for male and female singles! Spoiler alert; I reallyhad to visitChina to understand the dominance. I’m afraid I have plans to move out to the East and try tomakea decent living there while I play my tennis – a story for another day, however. Right now, I’ll take you through a short ride as we get to check out some countries that also fancy ping pong as much as China and I do.3 Countries Where Ping Pong is The Main Sport

  1. South Korea
You know someone is in deep love when they trim down their pride a notch or two tocontain others. South Korea proved their love for the sport after teaming up with North Korea earlier on in the year to face it off with the champions – the Japanese. This fete was witnessed again in the 1991 world table tennis championships in Chiba, Japan. The dedication to ping-pongfrom the Asian countries is still a wonder to me even after spending a year and a half in theAsian world. It’s the same way you’ll never fully comprehend the relationship between a mother and child unless you are one.
  1. Germany
It all dates back to 1989 since the emergence of stars Jorg Rosskopf and Steffen Fetzner. As Germans tasted their first championships medals in ping pong, something was born from the populace. A deep-rooteddesire to have more champions of the likes of Fetzner as the country embraced the sport. Ever since,the streets of Germany have been floggedwith ping pong tables and players hitting it off in some cold winter orinsunny summer. Kamil Calloway a ping pong table playersuggests Germans will soon hold 3consecutive medals in the 3coming Olympicchampionships – there’s room for debate as we watch out for the validity of that bet.3 Countries Where Ping Pong is The Main Sport
  1. Sweden
Planning to dethrone a reigning king requires not only tactical planning but also endurance and prior practice – remember they’re sitting on that throne out of experience. Sweden has not been afraid of letting their intentions known to one and all; they are the ones brave enough to admit their plans to have China take the bench as they take over the throne. Jan-Ove Waldner, the “Mozart of table tennis” has been at the frontline to ensure more victories for his motherland. Thisis just but one amongst thousands of players in Sweden who are infatuatedby the play.   America has not yet picked up the table tennis vibe like China and the other countries. That notwithstanding, there’s room for growth as the sport especially offers a wideplaying option to players. Thisis seenin the limited space required together with the flexibility mode of the game – not only can you play the doubles with your teammateas was the case with the Koreans, butyou can also play alone should you deem fit. What’s there not to fancy about ping pong really?  ]]>

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