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3 things to know about Uber at Coachella

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3 things to know about Uber at Coachella

So I have been in Indio, California for two nights already and I am discovering and experiencing some new things. I arrived through Palm Springs Airport, and Uber has been my companion since. 

3 things to know about Uber at Coachella
3 things to know about Uber at Coachella

I like how the cities have been mapped up for car services such as Uber and Lyft, with demarcated drop-off and pick-up zones for them.  Here are top 3 things I have learnt about Uber while here for Coachella!

No Uber Pool

Yes, as a traveller on a Ghanaian debit card, I like to use Uber Pool when I am in the United States. At least it cuts down my cost, and the ridiculous exchange rate and bank charges.  But right after I arrived in Palm Springs I noticed at the airport that the pool option was not available there. I guess folks in this area are too rich to share rides. 

Not only is Uber Pool not available, but Uber services seem to be a bit expensive here, even for short distances. Well, no wonder drivers from outside the region come in for the Coachella weekend to make more bucks and then leave. Yes, I can confirm this via conversations I have been having with my drivers. 

Uber petty shuttle

Phew, I wasn’t expecting the walk from the entrance of the Empire Polo Club to the festival grounds to be that long. Thankfully, Uber is offering festivalgoers who use their service a little comfort by providing ‘petty shuttle’ rides to cut down the walking distance. Although my Uber settings doesn’t allow Uber Rewards because I registered in Ghana, I luckily was considered for one of their shuttles and it was a life saver on Saturday (comparing to my return without the ride.)

Zero waiting time for all

3 things to know about Uber at Coachella
3 things to know about Uber at Coachella

Another fun thing I observed was the zero waiting time for anyone who orders an Uber from the festival grounds. How that works is that at some point along the exit from the grounds, you are asked to make your request for a ride, then you receive a code, which you show on your way out. The Uber rides are parked waiting outside and you can enter any of them in the queue, once you show the driver your code. The driver enters the code and vroom… off your go to your destination. 

I sure wish this option would be available in Ghana some day soon.  

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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