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3 Things To Remember When Buying Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds



3 Things To Remember When Buying Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds

Does the brightness of the yellow color attract you? Add to that the warmth and glisten this colored diamond exudes. If yes, then you are on the right page, as we will be giving you tips when buying fancy vivid yellow diamonds from renowned jewelry brands such as Astteria.

Get To Know Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are more common than you think– well, some of them, at least. In fact, they can even cost less than colorless diamonds, and this is because their yellow tinge is considered a flaw. However, this is only true for yellow diamond color shades that are light and faint, as their more vivid equivalents are exuberantly priced.

Fancy vivid yellow diamonds are the name given to gemstones with the strongest yellow undertones. These stones have the richest yellow hues- next to fancy dark yellow diamonds, which are visually stunning and warm to the eyes. They also have a particular kind of attraction, especially when the reflective rays of light grace upon their surface.

Diamonds with intense yellow coloration might be entirely yellow and devoid of any white flecks, and this can depend on the color intensity and dispersion.


Color Intensity Of Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds

When dealing with colored diamonds, it is general knowledge that the more vibrant and rich the color, the more valuable it should be. Similarly, it cannot be any truer for fancy vivid yellow diamonds.

Since a deep, rich yellow color is their defining feature, they are, without a doubt, typically more expensive than their lighter equivalents.

The warm, yellow color they possess adds so much character to any type of jewelry piece it is attached to, thus making this one of the best colored diamonds to wear on any type of occasion.

For comparison purposes, below are the color intensity levels for yellow diamonds:

  • Fancy Light Yellow
  • Fancy Yellow
  • Fancy Intense Yellow
  • Fancy Vivid Yellow
  • Fancy Deep Yellow

As noticeable, fancy vivid yellow diamonds come second in terms of vividness and saturation.

Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds Price Range

As mentioned above, color intensity greatly affects the value of colored diamonds. While faint, light ones are still relatively expensive, especially if they are naturally produced, the darker, more vivid ones are of another level.

However, of course, there are still other parameters that gauge how much a piece of yellow diamond jewelry is valued.

Aside from color intensity, a parameter such as a carat weight also largely determines a yellow diamond’s price. For example, a fancy vivid yellow diamond ring which is 3.08 carat, is priced at $141, 400 while a fancy light yellow diamond ring which is 1.35 carat, costs only $6,300.

There are also pieces that can be price-quoted by request, and of course, there is also the option to have a piece of custom-made yellow diamond jewelry– all depending on your preference and budget.


Final Thoughts

A piece of yellow colored diamond jewelry can easily be a little sunshine worn. Its cheerful color tone can just be the warmth you need to complete a neutral look- or an everyday piece that can lift your spirits up. Regardless of how you view yellow diamonds, they are some of the best colored gems available on the market and now is the best time to buy one, whether it be for personal use or to serve as an investment. When purchasing online, pay attention to diamond photos. The presence of high-quality diamond photography is a significant indicator of trustworthiness.

Bespoke jewelers such as Astteria have readily available pieces but don’t shy away from letting your jewelry become even more valuable as you can also request for a custom piece. Whichever you lean towards, you are guaranteed the perfect piece just for you.

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