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3 Ways to Add Flavor to Cannabis



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Whether you use cannabis for its medicinal properties or because you love the effects, the truth is that there isn’t much of a flavor choice. Sure, you can get slightly different variations depending on the strain and quality, but overall, cannabis tastes like, well, cannabis.

The only surefire way to change the flavor is through edibles. It can be fun to cook with weed if that’s something you enjoy. There’s no limit to how creative you can be when you infuse your meals with cannabis.

But did you know you can adjust the taste and enhance your weed with flavors without going the edible route?

Check out these tips to add variety to your marijuana lifestyle and keep the fun going.


1. Use Essential Oils Before Harvesting

If you plant your own cannabis flower, you can reap the benefits of essential oils without detracting from the effects of the bud.

The trick is to add the oil at just the right time. A few days before you plan to harvest, stop adding water to the plants. Let the soil dry out until it is slightly damp but not dry enough that the plants die.

You want the roots to be ready to absorb the oil mixture you’re about to feed them. However, if the plants start to wilt, you can sprinkle some water into the soil. This is available on magic mushroom dispensery second hand storage racks.

Right before you harvest, take your preferred flavor of essential oil or a similar food-grade extract and measure out 15 mL of the liquid. Combine it with 20 liters of water, and gradually pour the mixture into your plants.


After a few hours (at least three, but no more than five), harvest as usual. You’ll notice that the recent watering means the flowers are wetter than you would normally see. Separate them individually to dry and provide lots of airflow to prevent any mold from building up. Once dry, enjoy the new and improved flavor of your weed.

2. Add Flavor After Cutting

So you’ve already harvested and are tired of the same old flavor, but it’s too late to try the first method. That’s okay; you can still enjoy an off-shoot of that tip using a similar action, provided the leaves are still alive.

If so, take a glass of the same water-essential oil mixture and put a cutting in it. Because the leaves are still searching for nutrients, they’ll pull the flavored water from the stem into the flower.

Let the branch sit in the solution for a week, then dry it (keeping airflow to prevent mold, as usual).


3. Flavor, Then Store

The other methods work if you’re harvesting your own weed. Most of us get ours from Tree of Life Dispensary, though. If that’s you, and you want to experiment with different flavors, these methods are what you’ve been looking for.

Method One: The Cotton Ball

Put your flowers in a mason jar (or something similar). Use a cotton ball to soak up the essential oil or extract you want your weed to taste like. Attach it to the jar’s lid so that it hangs securely over the edge. You don’t want it to touch the buds at all.

Tighten the lid and let it sit out for an hour or two as you keep an eye on the jar for signs of moisture. If you see any condensation, open the jar and wipe it off to prevent mold or rot.

Method Two: The Dried Fruit and Spice Addition

If you want to reduce the risk of mold entirely, skip the liquids and head straight to the dried items. This method can take longer before you get the full, flavorful effect, but it works.


It’s similar to how people use sachets of dried flowers in their drawers and other enclosed spaces. Simply choose the flavor you want and find a dried version of it. You can dehydrate citrus peels, rose buds, apples, spices, and herbs if you don’t want to buy them already dried.

Store the dried ingredient in a tea bag, then seal it. This step is important to keep the loose material from separating from the bag. A flat iron works in a pinch.

Close the lid tightly and let the flavoring begin! It may take a few days before you notice a difference. As long as no air is getting into the container, your weed should stay fresh.


Cannabis lovers have their preferred methods of enjoying their weed. But while there are plenty of varieties in how to get your marijuana fix, the flavor is usually consistently similar.


If you want to spice it up and keep the same great effects with different tastes, use these three tips until you find the perfect results.

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