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3 Ways To Make Your YoubTube Content More Binge-Worthy



Whenever viewers binge watch your content, your channel’s place in YouTube’s video ranking algorithm can rise. The platform boosts creators who can get more viewers to keep watching, especially when those viewers stay on the same channel.

Here are a few ways to make your content more binge-worthy.

Respond to your audience’s preferences.

Viewers are more likely to binge-watch your content when they really like what they see. Your videos will attract viewers with similar tastes, so by using your current viewers’ preferences to steer the direction of your content, you’ll create more videos future viewers will binge.

To figure out the videos your current audience responds to best, compare your view counts and watch time from upload to upload. You can also read comments and post polls to gauge your fans’ interest in specific video topics or series. Utilize your community tab to connect with your current audience and ask their opinions on new uploads.


Focus your videos on similar concepts and themes.

Viewers subscribe to your channel for very specific reasons. They like what your videos are about, and they enjoy the way you present them. If you start to change the content of your videos without warning, then your view count may taper off.

This isn’t to say you can’t try new things. However, your videos should stay within the same niche or expand on topics you’ve touched on in previous uploads. Viewers are more likely to binge videos that are related in some way, so focus on the things viewers subscribed for.

Link your videos through info cards and end screen elements.

Finally, you can make your content more binge-worthy by simply making it easier to binge watch. Link previous uploads to new videos through info cards. You can place these throughout your next video. You can even go back into previous uploads and add info cards.


You can also link videos through end screen elements. In your end screen, embed the video you uploaded directly before. You might also embed a similar video or leave a spot for your next upload.

When viewers binge your content, your channel can rise in the YouTube video ranking algorithm. You can make your content more binge-worthy by focusing on what current viewers love about your channel.

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