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3coMMa$, Washington D.C.’s New Prodigy



Washington, D.C. native and emcee 3coMMa$ is a budding star from one of the roughest parts of the city which helped refine his gritty flow and witty puns about growing up in the “trenches.” Influenced by the struggle of living life as a black man raised at 58th in the Northeast section of D.C., 3coMMa$ procures authentic music that gives a voice for people who grew up in the tightest ghettos all over the world. He’s a music artist of pure transparency and has noble values of family, God, and success. 3coMMa$ is a rare artist who openly portrays his respect towards people of all walks of life and his amazing sense of humor which will be even more apparent soon.

A few notable singles that have caught the eyes of people are “Vultures” featuring Maryland rapper Lil Dude, “Special Delivery” Ft. Big Flock, and “Tanya’s Oldest” showcase the future potential of 3coMMa$. He knows himself that he is not even close to his ceiling and will continue to push out new music to build up his stardom. With goals of curating general wealth off his music and using his God given abilities of procuring well received music to support his family, 3coMMa$ is an artist who is somebody to keep tabs on for the rest of 2022. You can supper his music by playing it on all digital streaming platforms and watching his music videos on YouTube.


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