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4 Ideas For Repackaging Old Content Into New Videos On YouTube



After several months or even years of producing brand new videos every single week, you may find yourself wanting to look back and reminisce. You already have so many great videos. Both longtime fans and new viewers will appreciate a trip down memory lane. As an added bonus, you’ll get some time off from making a video entirely from scratch.

Here are four ideas for repackaging old content into new videos.

Create a highlight reel of your favorite on-camera moments.

Sports fans are familiar with highlight reels. These videos showcase the best moments of a game or a season. You can create a highlight reel for your channel by editing together your favorite moments from your past uploads.

Rhett and Link have been rounding off the sixteenth season of Good Mythical Morning with several highlight reels. They ended the year by sharing their top five favorite moments from the season.


React to a past video.

Reaction videos have done extremely well over the past few years. Perhaps you’ve reacted to your favorite artist’s newest music, videos your fans suggest, or a movie you’ve never seen before. Instead of reacting to someone else’s content, you should try reacting to one of your older videos. You might react to your first upload, your privated videos, or your most popular upload of all time.

In mid-2018, a trend circulated in which creators reacted to their first uploads. Liza Koshy was one of the most popular creators to do it. She uploaded her reaction video to her second channel.

Recreate a previous video and compare the end results.

You’ve tried a lot of different things on your YouTube channel. Some of them have been great, but a few of them may have been fails. Relive the past and demonstrate your growth as a creator by recreating something from an earlier video, such as your first makeup tutorial or the first challenge video you ever did.


Jacksepticeye has reached twenty-three million subscribers in his seven years on YouTube. To celebrate his channel’s anniversary, he recreated his first video ever.

Upload outtakes or uncut footage.

Filming a video can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. With all the footage you do, it’s likely that you have a bunch of unused footage on your computer somewhere. Cut these files into a new video, such as a blooper reel or a “lost” vlog.

After uploading their popular annual PINOF videos, Dan and Phil always uploaded bloopers a few weeks later. Fans loved the unused footage as much as they loved what actually made it into the videos.

Next time you’re strapped for a video idea, repackage older content into a new video. React to a previous upload, create a highlight reel, or share footage you never published before.


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