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5 DIY Things to Add Creativity to a Unicorn Party



Parties are always fun, and while food and fanfare are enough motivations for people to gather, there has been a surge in the popularity of themed events. One of the most popular ones is the unicorn theme, because what’s not to like? You get rainbows, sparkles, and a magical single-horned pony.

The theme is almost always a mainstay for children’s birthday parties, slumber parties, and even office gatherings. You’ve probably been to one, and while it’s hard to go wrong with the unicorn theme, it can get repetitive. 

If you want to breathe new life and creativity into your party, here are some DIY ideas you can check out. 

Matching Tableware

Okay, so not everyone has all the free time in the world to hand-make every little thing for the party. One of those things that make an impact is tableware, and having matching ones for all your guests can make a difference. Consider getting unicorn-themed tableware online. They are cheaper to buy in bulk and can come in several designs.

Pretty Color-Changing Lemonade

What’s a unicorn party without something as magical as a color-changing drink? This recipe will be a sure hit among kids and adults alike as they watch a lemonade slushie turn from blue to pink and purple. It’s all natural too!

Butterfly pea flower is naturally blue because of an antioxidant pigment called a flavonoid. When you add hot water to normally steep the tea, it retains the color. The color change comes when you add in a few drops of lemon juice and it turns into purple. Wow your guests by setting up an area where they can mix their lemonades, and watch them marvel at how they’ve created their own magical concoctions. 

Handmade Unicorn Headband

What’s a unicorn party without the headbands? Not all horns are created equal. Some are long and pointy, others are blunt and fluffy, and others nestled in flowers and other decors. Anything goes when it comes to unicorn headbands.

It’s up to you to make these in advance for all your guests or to let them participate in customizing their own. Either way, you need to prep the materials in advance and supervise the younger ones if they are using the hot glue gun and scissors. Here are some tutorials to help you out.

Colorful Poop Cookies

Since unicorns are mythical creatures, no one really knows what they eat. However, some people imagine that unicorns have colorful poop with sprinkles and sparkles. It’s all in good fun anyway because, even though in this recipe, the cookies are shaped like poop, they look good in different colors and are attractive enough to eat.

It’s not an original idea for unicorn parties, but if you’re good at baking, it is a useful skill when it comes to food like this. There are plenty of tutorials you can find online, and you can vary the colors to your liking. If you’re going to make more unicorn-inspired party food, check out this link.

Unicorn-Themed Games 

Parties are not complete without something fun to do for the kids or the adults. Depending on the age-group, there are activities that are appropriate, safe, and fun for all. You can whip up a batch of DIY play dough for younger guests so they can make shapes of different colors for fun. Make it a contest, and give out a prize for the best creation.

Guests can decorate sugar cones that they can fashion into their very own unicorn horns. Make sure there are plenty of sprinkles, frosting, edible glitter, and even fruits to make their creations. This is a game where it’s a win for everyone because they get to eat their unicorn horns after.

What DIY ideas do you have for unicorn parties? Share your thoughts in the comments below.