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5 Hacks for a Lean Bulk Transformation

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5 Hacks for a Lean Bulk Transformation

It is quite easy to gain weight and become obese. The moment you start eating junk food without any monitoring, your weight would increase at a rapid pace. However, reducing obesity and getting back into shape is a big challenge.

Bulk eating is one of the many weight reduction methods used by people. What is bulking and how does it prove to be beneficial? Bulking refers to eating the same meal repeatedly without having anything in between.

For instance, if you are bulking minced chicken, you would not be eating anything else. There is something which you have to think about when you are doing bulking. What are you eating in bulk quantity? Are you eating something that would increase the body fat? It is obviously that only healthy diet options would help you in losing weight and reducing flab. You cannot expect your weight to go down if you are eating loads of fried food. Also, keep track of calories by using calorie calculator.

Understanding lean bulking

Bulking can prove to be a harmful option if you are increasing the fat count along with muscles. Increase in fat obviously means increase in obesity. This completely eliminates the purpose of bulking which is reducing weight. Lean bulking focuses on fat reduction and muscle building. Here are 5 important hacks of lean bulking you should focus on.

  1. Have protein with each meal


If you want to increase body muscle, take proteins with each meal. It is a mandatory constituent for muscle building. Fitness experts recommend consumption of proteins to people who want to reduce weight through bulking. In a nutshell, you should eat a form of protein with each consumed meal.


  1. Rest is the key


It is important to rest out if you want the muscle growth to be according to expectations. Working out is important but some limits have to be applied. If you are working out beyond the required limit, it would have a negative effect. People who work out excessively face the problem of catabolism. This the opposite of positive muscular growth. Catabolism reduces muscular growth which is obviously a negative aspect.


  1. Have realistic expectations


Most people who opt for lean muscle building have very unrealistic expectations. They expect to develop the finest physique on immediate basis. This does not happen. The lean muscle targets depend on how well you are following the needed routine. The body structure is an important component as well. Every human physique has certain limitations and restrictions and one cannot go beyond them.


  • Every human being has a different body structure and lean bulk transformation depends on it. Thus, it is not a good alternative to perform a comparison with the results achieved by others.


  1. Carefully select the cheat meals


When you are on a diet, cheat day is what you crave for. This is when you need to give up your bulk diet for one day and eat something that you prefer more. For instance, consider that you are taking boiled chicken with mayonnaise as a bulk diet option. On a cheat day, you would eat something that is not a part of the bulk diet. However, here you need to focus on careful selection.


  • Some people select cheat meals with a lot of fat count. This is not intelligent thinking in any manner. Having a cheat day does not mean that you should gulp down food that can harm you. Select the correct meals which do not include a lot of fat. For instance, having fried food on the cheat day would hamper the lean bulk transformation process. When you are aiming at getting back in shape, everything that can increase the fat count in the body has to be avoided.


  1. Have cardio sessions on regular basis


Working out is an important activity for lean bulk transformation. However, the exercises you choose matter a lot. For lean bulking, lifting weights is not what you have to focus on. Cardio activities are important for getting the best results.


  • A good strategy is that you should divide your workout session in terms of timings. If you are working out for one hour daily, keep 20 minutes for cardio sessions. Running on the treadmill is a more important component than muscle building if you are aiming for a leaner physique.


Having the correct diet plan is critical

The best weight loss targets can only be achieved if you have planned things well in advance. Improper or insufficient planning can mess things up. The correct diet plan has to be made and you should abide by it. If you are not clear about the meals to be eaten, talk to a proper dietician.


  • Following the right hacks for lean bulk transformation is important but nothing works well without a diet plan. Eating the wrong things or even eating the right things on the wrong time can hamper your results. For instance, if you are having your cardio sessions regularly but the diet is not correct, the flab on your body would increase. It would become almost impossible to get a slim and fit physique if there is no flab control.


  • Commitment is very important because nothing happens overnight. It takes time to go from a flabby physique to a lean one. Hence, whether it is working out or having the correct meals, it needs to be done regularly. Only when you follow the correct practices in a consistent manner, the best results would be produced. You cannot lose several kilos and get a fit body in one day or overnight.


It is hard to find someone on the face of the planet who does not want a fit and slim body. The important point is that physical limitations need to be taken into consideration. Every human being has certain limitations in terms of the physique he has. One body may not produce the same output as the other. Thus, before you build unrealistic expectations, get a clear idea of the limitations your body has. Comparing with others does nothing but create dissatisfaction.

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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