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5 Lazy Hairstyles You Can Pull Off for Last-Minute Parties



A sudden change of plans can stir up quite a storm. Resting in bed one moment and then rushing to pick clothes and put on makeup the next. Last-minute parties mean last-minute preparation, and it’s a real struggle to look presentable quickly.

One may have mastered the art of putting makeup while commuting, but hairstyles are much more difficult. Luckily, many hairstyles don’t require much of an effort to do. They’re easy to learn and can be done in a pinch.

1.   Chignon

A chignon is easy and quick to do even for those who are rushing. It’s an elegant hairstyle that looks difficult to do even if it’s actually the opposite. It’s very popular, and it works for shoulder-length hair and longer.

Simply part the hair in the middle, and twist both sides inward. Secure both in a single ponytail, then part the hair at the bottom to make a small hole.  Pull the hair through the hole to make an inward ponytail.

Roll the remaining hair, and tuck it with hairpins, and it’s done. It will only take a few minutes, and with enough practice, it can be done even quicker.

2.   Messy French Bun

Those who are tired of sporting ponytails often go for the messy bun instead. Tight buns are formal, and they take a lot of time to prepare. On the other hand, a messy bun is more laid-back, easier to do, and looks just as sophisticated.

Just gather all the hair on the top, and then twist it. It will start to curve itself, so follow the direction where it’s going and form the bun. Hold it in place with bobby pins, and the look is complete.

It should be loose enough to make it look effortless, but not too loose that it doesn’t hold. Don’t worry if it looks messy—it’s supposed to be. It’s right there on the name, so just enjoy the party and flaunt the hairstyle.

3.   Hair Extensions

If there’s really no time to prepare, hair extensions will be a lifesaver. Make tape-in extensions a must-have. They are easily accessible and very quick to use. No worrying about being late because the application doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

They’re lightweight, so they won’t just accidentally fall off. With longer hair, there are more possible hairstyles to try. There’s also the option of just letting the hair down and wearing a cute side barrette.

Surprise everyone at the party with hair extensions, and they’ll be jealous for not trying it themselves.

4.   Headband Updo

This hairstyle is a normal updo but with the assistance of a headband. This style, in particular, is suitable for shoulder-length hair and longer, but some updos work with short hair. The headband updo tucks the hair inward, so there is an illusion of having longer hair.

Put on the headband, and make sure that it goes all the way around the head. Portion by portion, tuck the hair into the headband. Make use of bobby pins to keep both the headband and the hair in place.

The headband allows lots of variations with the updo. Feel free to experiment with the hairstyle, like leaving a small portion by the sides of the face. One can also tease the hair a bit to give it some volume.

5.   Half Ponytail

Half ponytails always look so fancy and chic, and it’s perfect that they’re easy to do. Half ponytails are suitable for most hair lengths; that’s why they never go out of style.

Just take the front part of the hair up to the ear and tie it into a ponytail. This hairstyle pulls the hair away from the face but also leaves enough hair for additional styling.

Various hairstyles stem from this, like putting the ponytail into a bun or braiding it. If one isn’t too pressed for time, make some curls to add more impact.

Be Creative in Experimenting with Different Styles

There may be steps on how to achieve hairstyles, but everyone is free to try their own way. Add more curls, make some twists, braid some more, and see what works. Don’t be afraid of trying out new styles that other people may not have thought of before.