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5 Leather Jackets Every Man Should Own



Leather jackets have been a centerpiece in men’s fashion for over 70 years. Depicting a sense of rebellious nature, they have earned their rightful place in the fashion industry. Leather jackets started gaining popularity amongst rock and roll fans, gradually moving to bikers and eventually spreading out as a fashion staple for anyone who wants to look cool. The association of leather jackets with rough and rebellious bearded men isn’t a popular notion anymore. You could be anyone, with any kind of style and personality, and still rock a leather jacket freely.

These stereotypes might have been cleared, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that leather jackets have lost their attitude over the years. Owning a good leather jacket is still the best way to rock a bolder look, especially when paired with the right pair of pants and boots. I always insist on men investing in a good leather jacket. However, as great of a fashion apparel a leather jacket is, it is also one of the trickiest pieces of clothing to invest in. We all know it: finding the perfect leather jacket can be difficult. 

There are different variations in leather jackets, and these different variants are better suited for different wardrobes. Knowing the right kind of leather jacket according to your personality, taste, and closet is essential before you invest in the best one for you. Looking at a few tested and established brands will help you get started on your journey. That said, these are my favorite hand-picked leather jackets I think every man should own:



Taylor Stitch’s Leather Moto Jacket


Taylor Stitch’s Leather Moto Jacket in a single word is stunning. This leather jacket is designed keeping in mind the authenticity of decades-old jackets, with modifications for modern times. This blend of the vintage look with modern elements makes this jacket king of both, and it certainly gives anyone who wears it a distinct edge.

The brand’s jackets are handmade in San Francisco. They scream premium quality and attention to detail, too. These leather jackets are fitted with an insulated diamond quilted liner as well as YKK zipper hardware. You can’t go wrong investing in a jacket that looks this beautiful and timeless.



Buck Mason Bruiser Moto Jacket


Buck Mason is one of my favorite brands for T-shirts, rugged henleys, and even essential denim. I also love their biker leather jacket collection, especially the Bruiser Moto Jacket. Buck Mason does a terrific job at getting the basics right with all of its pieces, and the Bruiser Moto Jacket is no exception to this.

This jacket feels like it’s been crafted with the highest quality standards. Made in the States with 6oz. calf hide leather and sporting a crisp black colorway, this leather gem is unbeatable for achieving that downtown-cool look. The belted front and slant hip pockets are nice additional touches. Moreover, it has all the bells and whistles you would expect a classic moto jacket to have. Pair it with a black pair of denim and a fine pair of leather boots for a slick look.



Superdry Curtis Leather Jacket


Superdry is a brand that fuses vintage Americana styling with Japanese-inspired graphics. It is a trendy brand that is ideal for men who seek a forward-thinking edge in their outerwear collection. Their Curtis Leather Jacket is sharp and has an inky black leather color which would look great with lots of outfits and styles. It has a very boxed and symmetrical look, with two big pockets on either side of the zipline in the bottom corners. This jacket is both functional and stylish, which makes it a great leather jacket to invest in. 


Levi’s Leather Trucker Jacket



Levi’s is known for their slim and iconic denim jeans and trucker jackets. However, the brand has a lot more to offer than that. Levi’s is also doing wonders in providing a leather jacket that feels different from any other standard leather jacket on the market. The look and structure of their Leather Trucker Jackets are unique in that the silhouette is fresh, streamlined, and almost shirt-like. It ditches the use of classic zippers in favor of buttons, which is an unexpected move that makes the jacket more unique. Pair it with blue, black, or gray denim jeans or wear it buttoned down as an overcoat on a basic white T-shirt. It’s difficult to go wrong with this unique leather jacket, really.


Tom Ford Icon Biker Jacket


Tom Ford is an iconic brand that keeps pushing into new segments and conquering them with their exquisite taste and style. They are one of the biggest brands for men–and for good reason. From colognes and sneakers to suits and pants, Tom Ford abides by the rules of tasteful craftsmanship when designing their elegant pieces.


Their leather jackets are no exception. The Icon Biker Jacket is one of the most stylish leather jackets you can own. It has unique sleeves, diagonal side pockets, and an impressive collar that makes it feel like a coat. This makes it very suitable for styling as a classy piece to wear if you want to amp up the look of shirts and tees. If you’re looking for a leather jacket that is both classy and rugged, this Tom For piece is for you.

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