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5 Reasons To Visit Ghana



Chances are that this world pandemic has you wondering when you’ll finally be able to travel again. If you’re like most people, you’ve been dreaming of all of the places that you can go once it becomes possible again.

If you don’t have Ghana on your list yet, then it’s time that you consider adding it. In fact, a lot of people don’t realize what an incredible vacation destination this African country actually is. 

Known as the gateway to Africa, it is an incredible destination full of plenty of experiences and beauty. Chances are that Ghana has whatever you’re looking for unless you’re looking to go hunting since unfortunately, Ghana does not have permit hunting or game reserves.

Despite not being a great hunting destination, here are some of the many reasons that you should consider visiting this English speaking country in Africa. 


Low Crime  

Many African countries have a stereotype of being crime-ridden. However, Ghana is far from being a dangerous place. Not only are the crime rates quite low, but it’s got an incredibly healthy economy, making it a peaceful place for people to visit and live. Tourists aren’t targeted, nor are they in danger of being singled out. 

In many ways, Ghana is even safer than certain parts of the United States. If safety is a concern for you, then Ghana makes a great choice for somewhere to visit. 



There is plenty of cultural diversity in the country of Ghana. You have no shortage of vibrant colors and fascinating symbolism. Ghanaians are known for their love of celebration and bright colors.  

The festivals alone should be enough to convince you to visit this rich destination. There you’ll find drumming, celebrations, and plenty of laughter. From the Edina Bakatue Festival to the Odambea Festival, you’ll find nothing but traditional joyous moments. 


If you love buying artisan handicrafts like pottery and beadwork, then you’ll find plenty of that in Ghana. Not only are these original pieces of art one of a kind, but much of it is created with symbolism. If you love learning about other cultures, then you’ll love buying yourself souvenirs in Ghana. 


Delicious Food 

Believe it or not, you’ll find some of the best cuisine in the world in Ghana. The seasoning in Ghana is known for being incredibly rich and intense on your palate. If you’re a foodie who loves trying different flavors, then Ghana is a must. 


Music is an integral part of Ghanian culture. They love any excuse to burst out into celebratory music and drumming. Although you’ll find some forms of choral music, it’s usually reserved for places like church. Kenyans love to celebrate with the beating of drums and happy music. 

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