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5 Reasons Why People Are Buying Vinyl Records Again



If there is one thing that most people agree on, it is the value and beautiful effect music has on us. The experience of listening to your favorite tunes is fulfilling beyond what words can describe, and for some, it is one of the main things that keeps them going. How we consume music has changed over the years, from CDs to MP3 and other formats we use nowadays on our smartphones and laptops. One format that has been making a comeback over the past years is vinyl records. A lot of people are starting to buy turntables and those big records you see in antique stores, and they are loving it! So, why exactly is it that people are buying vinyl again? 

  1. Sound quality 

This is perhaps the most significant reason why vinyl is becoming popular again. You don’t have to be an audiophile to appreciate the subtle differences between a vinyl record and the MP3 format we’ve been consuming for the better part of the past two decades. Just put a record on and you will start getting the feeling that the person singing or playing the instrument is sitting next to you in the room. Vinyl produces a much richer and warmer sound, and it just fills a room up, and you could feel it in your heart while listening. It just sounds different and more realistic, rather than the compressed digital versions you get which sometimes feel a bit lifeless and artificial. 

  1. Aesthetic value 

Listening to vinyl isn’t just about music. It is an entire experience that you indulge in, and it takes the process of listening to music to a whole new level. The crackling noises you get when you put the needle of the turntable on the record, and that humming sound of the needle, is just making it an entirely nostalgic and almost poetic experience. It simply takes you back in time, when things were simpler and we weren’t stifled by technology; it is an artistic escapade for art aficionados and people who appreciate aesthetics. 

  1. You work for it

When you listen to vinyl records, it is not just as easy as pressing a button on your phone and then you would have your entire playlist playing within a second. It takes effort and time, which adds texture to the entire experience and makes you really appreciate music. As expected, modern turntables have been made to keep up with the times and Top Record Players actually has a pretty extensive review of some of the best ones. However, despite their modern look, one thing remains the same, you still need to take the record out and operate the device manually. This kind of physical activity helps you develop a whole new appreciation for the experience of listening to music. 

  1. The records 

It wouldn’t be an overstatement if you said that most people who listen to vinyl records do it because of the records. The feeling you get when you hold one in your hand and smell the sleeve is just unparalleled. The artwork alone is exquisite and a sight for sore eyes. You will find a list of the tracks within the record, lyrics in most cases, a picture of the album cover and/or the band, and often some other artwork that you would only acquire if you got your hands on a vinyl record. It is quite a treat to hold one of those large records in your hands, which is why people have been and will always love collecting them. 

  1. Collection 

Speaking of collecting, some people are avid collectors of vinyl records, and they alone might be responsible for half the sales of vinyl around the world or something. Some vinyl records can be quite valuable –– we are talking thousands of dollars here –– and just like an artistic painting or an antique, there are people willing to pay top dollar for that. If you get an original pressing or a rare record, you could make a small fortune by selling it, because there will be people interested in getting it off your hands. Simply speaking, it is a wonderful item to collect and it would look pretty awesome in your library, as opposed to CDs and most definitely a 100 GB music library on your phone. 

Vinyl records are a delicacy that will never be outdated, no matter how technologically advanced we get. They will always retain their aesthetic value, and they will always be a manifestation of the beauty and simplicity of times we cannot relive anymore. If you want to take a trip down memory lane, just grab a vinyl record and play it. There’s no fast-forwarding here; you have to have the commitment and patience to listen to the entire record so you could appreciate it, and that is what music is really about. 

Photo by Gavin Whitner