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5 secrets about Ghana jollof that Nigerians don't know



So Chef Elijah A. Addo feels that Ghana has an unfair advantage against Nigeria when it comes to the jollof wars. Well, he lets out the bag,”5 secrets about Ghana jollof that Nigerians don’t know”. 1. Ghana Jollof is made with love : Ghanaians prepare their jollof with ingredients and spices drawn from the streams of love and that reflects in the aroma and taste of our jollof,days after it is cooked. 2. Ghana Jollof is the “Aliko Dangote” of African foods : In as much as jollof originally originated from SenegalGambian empire of Jolof,Ghanaians took the prototype and built upon it to become what the world knows it. Ghana jollof is entrepreneurial. 3.Ghana jollof is scalable : The tricks of preparing different versions of Ghanaian jollof makes it easy to be prepared from any part of the world.Nigeria jollof is a one way method making it difficult to be prepared in regions like China,Russia,North Korea,London,etc. 4. Ghana Jollof is a balanced diet recommended to fight child malnutrition across the continent. Nigerians must come to Ghana to learn how we are using Jollof to overcome hunger and malnutrition.Former President Rawlings donated jollof to our Somalian brothers. 5.Ghana Jollof is celebrated as festival : Ghana Tourism Authority celebrates a National jollof festival because our jollof has balls.Ghana jollof is eaten with confidence across the globe due to it’s high nutritional content. You don’t have leftover for our jollof.Ghana jollof is bae NB:This article is satirical piece by Chef Elijah A. Addo,2017 Queens Young Leader and founder of Food for All Africa in recognition of the Ghana Jollof Festival scheduled for 26th August, 2017 is being organised to promote Ghanaian cuisine, and is in connection with the “See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana, Feel Ghana campaign initiated by the Ghana Tourism Authority. Twitter : @professoraddo Instagram : @chefelijah.addo]]>

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