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5 Things That Secretly Happen In Limo Buses



We all know how a driver is supposed to pay attention to the road ahead, right? Well, you’d be surprised to know that this rule depends on certain factors. Only one factor; to be specific, whether or not you’re driving a limo bus. Why? Because there is literally no limit to what can happen when a limo bus driver isn’t looking. We have even brought you the top five things that happen in secret while drivers are too busy with the road.


1. Time to drink!

Is this even a necessary point to cover? Party buses are one of the easiest places for underage kids to drink. Anyone can bring their own booze and gulp it down on the down-low. On one hand, professional companies do their best to ensure that individuals under 21 refrain from consuming alcohol; some have a strict policy that dictates: the consumption of alcohol by a minor lead to the instant termination of service. On the other hand, because most limo buses are used for proms and such events, it’s no surprise that some people always find creative ways to sneak in drinks.


2. Celebrities



As you probably know, windows on party busses usually don’t show the inside of a bus. Imagine a huge bus driving down the road; it is expected that there’d be a lot of people in there, right? Now, forget the fact that party buses are only used to accommodate large numbers of people. Surprisingly, a lot of people book a limo bus for small numbers. While, according to Price 4 Limo Bus, party buses can carry up to 55 passengers, some just rent them for two, or four. Where is this going, you may ask? Well, celebrities, bands, and artists often rent limo buses for themselves. So, next time you’re next to a limo bus, don’t get fooled by the size, U2 could be looking at you from the other side. A lot of male strip shows happen on these buses.


3. A daring good time


Something about limousine services  on the move makes people extra hot. What we’ve learned is that once the partition divider between the driver and riders goes up; weird things happen. While some companies don’t allow that type of behavior on their vehicles, it is a little hard to guess what’s going on in the back with all the engine sounds, the music, and the partition divider.



4. Stripper Shows


A popular use for limo busses is for bachelor and bachelorette parties. See, busses are often fitted with special features like ice boxes, flat screens and sound systems. In some types of busses, another feature that also happens to be there is dancing poles. Now, combine a bachelor party with dancing poles, alcohol, and music. What do you get? A private stripper show concealed behind reflecting windows.



5. Too much of something


A car on the move, liquor bottles, partying, vandalism, and possibly drugs. Talk about the perfect storm, right? Liquor alone can make anyone puke, but when you add motion to drinking, puking is a guarantee. What is secret about vomiting is where it is usually located. People often find a hidden spot and blow chunks; it isn’t a pleasant thing to find in the back of your Fort Lauderdale party bus.

With all of that being said, there’s only one thing left to acknowledge, and that’s the limo bus drivers. Having to drive, as well as, monitor passengers isn’t an easy job. In fact, the burden is doubled when illegal acts or substances are involved because in most cases, the company, as well as, the driver can be held liable. So, next time you decide on booking a limo bus, be nice to your driver.


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